Don’t Get Your Knickers in a Twist

Don't Get Your Knickers in a Twist.

For the Brit’s part we come out with some dreadful stuff. A mate of mine (there’s a good British phrase) went to live in California many years ago and was taken out to dinner by his new work team. After eating, drinking and making merry he stood up and announced in a loud British accent ‘Right, I’m off outside for a fag’. The restaurant stopped dead; 70 pairs of eyes fixed on him. He found out why pretty quick.

Sen. Casey And President B. Hussein Obama: Seperated At Birth

This video is classic!

The More I See And Hear Some People, The Better I Like My Animals

It was my late father who once said; “The more I see of my friends the better I like my dogs.” So I adjusted it a bit to fit the times! So here is the list of The Hillbilly’s troop of the furry family.

Dog 1: Dude the Mastiff
Dog 2; Lucy the Dane
Dog 3; Hazel the Pit/mutt
Dog 4; Millie the Pom/mix

Cat 1; Amos
Cat 2; Violet the deaf albino
Cat 3; Kitters
Cat 4; Sadie

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