“Useful Idiots”

If more people realized that there are a small minority of very powerful, rich, well connected people who are creating a world wide race war, in order to implement control over the masses. It is my firm belief that God created all people in his image, and though we may have or physical differences, we are still all God’s children. But there is evil in this world, who prey upon our good, honest, and trusting nature, to fool us into helping to create a One world Order. This Order needs to be put into place in order to allow for the complete control of the world’s population, and thus wealth, and power.

But w Christians understand that Good will prevail over Evil in the end.

"Useful Idiots".

Because this contemporary immigrant question is NOT primarily about jobs, nor the economy! Nevertheless, those are the curious reasons given for maintaining mass 3rd world immigration into predominately White nations, and frankly, those reasons don’t make any sense in today’s tight labor market. In a nutshell, the real purpose is aimed at the White race and the weakening of White Christian majorities in White homogeneous nations for the sole purpose of ushering in the “New World Order”

Hand me a beer and tell me what you think

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