And The Sun Sets On Another Day

I am going to refrain a bit from writing about crap like Fast and Furious, because the hypocrisy of Obama? Holder gets me Furious, really Fast! If it was GWB in this hot seat, dems, libs, and RHINO’s would be screaming “Murderer” at the tops of their cloves stained lungs.

So instead, I will cap off today with something a bit different. If you know me, you are well aware I am a sucker for an animal. If I saw a dude walking a dog, and they got mowed over by a truck, the pooch would be the first one I attempt to save! So I find out to-day at work, that a little female pup, that has been showing up almost daily, for the past two weeks, was rolled up by the Pup-po-po, and whisked away to the Oakdale Animal Shelter. So I was not happy, because dogs that go to animal shelters do not usually make it out. This little girl had a collar, so their obviously is an owner. Thing is, she would be starving and thirsty every time she came over. I had been feeding her hot dogs, which probably has landed me on Michelle Obama’s list of “Domestic Food Terrorist.” Even this past Saturday afternoon, when I had to work, she found me and I fed her.

So the first thing I do when I heard the news was to call the shelter. Turns out, that Oakdale is an exception to the shelter rule. I told the nice lady who I was, and where I worked, and why I was calling. I told her to contact me if the pup was not adopted, so she would not get gassed. She told me the very rarely put animals down, unless they are mean, or feral cats. I almost fell of my chair, and I was not even drinking. Thing is, I have already adopted one cat, and two dogs from work. Now I know why I like animals so much: It is too hard to adopt people, and I don’t like them as much anyway!
Like my dad always said; “The more I see of people, the better I like my dogs.”

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