Christian Conservative America Is Screwed?

Call me jaded, but we are in for a disaster. I see Newt as an operative for the RHINO’s and Dems. I do not believe that he voice of the TEA PART/Conservative voice. For gosh sakes, he made the commericail with Pelosi about how man made global warming was real.
Look at how Cain was treated? Not one black organization came to his defense! And Cain could have been called out on his relationship with the Federal Reserve. Cain was a magnet for the TEA Party vote. Now Newt is trying to take it over. I am sorry to say, but in my opinion, Conseravtive Christian America is screwed.
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by The Rat


If it weren’t already “official,” it’s definitely official now: The Boy King declared in Kansas this week that his re-election fight will be all about income inequality. (Think about it, loons, “equal opportunity” and “income equality” are not mutually-inclusive terms.) According to a fact check by the Washington Post, it’s also going to be a fight against hard facts and inconvenient truths. True to form, Lord Obama lashed out at Republicans and George Bush for economic conditions that have mainly come during his own “stewardship” of the economy:

•Obama’s claim of the “slowest job-growth”includes the loss of jobs under his reign. The Regime provided as “evidence” a report on a New York Times blog that was based on gross domestic product data through 2010, or the first two years of the Obama Regime.
•The Regime also cited a Center on American Progress report on job growth through 2007, which showed monthly job-growth of 68,000 during the Bush business-cycle. Guess what? Job-growth under Obama — just 40,500 a month – is far worse, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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  1. wayne2008sblogsite
    Dec 09, 2011 @ 10:37:58

    Trump is just a showman and Newt is no real conservative in my opinion and he is Pelosi and Clinton’s shill. I don’t see a viable candidate.

    Unless someone comes forward who can win and not just put on a show for the voters then another four years of the progressive party’s wrecking ball is assured.

    If Trump was serious about what he says then he would not be worried about losing his television show which I am sure his kids could run, just another showman and a hypocrite.


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