Things That Should Break But Don’t

As I was enjoying my commute to work the other morning, an interesting thought began to bounce around my dome like an empty, wind-blown beer can in the bed of my 1974 Ford truck. Why is it that everything on your vehicle can go on the fritz at some point, except the “shut the door stupid the key is in the ignition buzzer”? I have a buddy who owns a wrecking yard, and there are cars that have a hood, trunk, and two-wheel, and if you pry the door open, and insert the key, the buzzer will sound even sans battery!

Thank goodness my truck pre-dates all that gobbledygook. My interior light is the most advance tech I have. I still have to track my mileage for the oil change. No ding ding informing my tires are low on air, or the wiper fluid needs to be filled. How the heck did folks ever care for their vehicles before the computer age? That’s right, we did it the old fashion way; we paid attention to details.

It is also nice to be able to open the hood of my truck and know what I am looking at. Most vehicles don’t have identifiable engines any more, they have something that looks like a cross between a N.A.S.A. concept rocket engine, and a 4ft by 4ft computer chip. How the heck do you work on that without a PhD in Physics? And you could not drink beer under the shade try while you were working either.

My next major upgrade on the truck will be a stereo. I have held off because there are those evil people who take great joy in stealing from others, what they refuse to earn themselves. And no, it will not be an 8-track!

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  1. Bodrie
    Dec 14, 2011 @ 13:42:27

    I don’t know, you might want to rethink the stereo idea because then you’re less likely to get random interesting thoughts to “bounce around [your] dome”. It tends to do a lot of your thinkin’ for ya.

    A Gun Enthusiast Speaks


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