Canada’s Black Population Via Elliot Lake News

Canada's Black Population.

Our social welfare plan was not designed to feed, clothe or shelter the world’s lying, cheating, and phony refugees who take advantage of our generosity. Nor were our welfare agencies intended to provide undeserving foreigners with unearned monthly welfare cheques, nor free hospital care, nor free dental care at Canadian taxpayers’ expense. Many recent foreign interlopers live in circumstances equal to the comfort zone usually reserved for ‘Royalty’ in their own 3rd world hell-holes.

Canada’s Immigration Problem: Legal And Illegal

This was written by Elliot Lake in response to my question to him about Canada’s immigration issues, and why the ranks of minorities have grown so much over the past 30 plus years.

ELN says:
2011/12/20 at 9:20 pm

Unlike the U.S. southwest where the vast majority of illegal aliens have jumped border crossings by the hundreds of thousands (or millions?) for the last 2 or 3 decades, most of Canada’s NON-white immigrants arrived through legal channels, then sponsor the village from “back home”, and there begins the long chain of family migration.

Canada also has its share of illegal immigrants whose numbers are unknown to me, but there are over 40,000 failed “refugees” still wandering our streets. These are documented foreigners who tried their luck with the “refugee” game and lost, and thus ordered out of the country, but decided to stay instead. Canada also has a so-called temporary work program (TWP) that allows a further couple of hundred thousand foreigners to do “temporary” work, but many don’t leave after their expiry date. We also have a so-called foreign “student” program (mostly 3rd world) where many decide to stay instead of returning home.

Last year, a record high of 280,000 legal immigrants arrived in Canada during an economic downturn, but that didn’t slow the pace. Only 17% of those numbers actually pass the eligibility requirements for legal entry, and the balance are comprised of spouses, family members and other relatives.

Our “refugee” program is considered a running joke around the world. Any foreign scamster uttering the mildest of sob stories could easily be granted refugee status, and is thus eligible to the identical rights (except voting) as any Canadian born here 65 years ago. In August last year, 492 Sri Lankans arrived in an old freighter, and naturally claimed “refugee” status. The Canadian gov’t was well aware of the ship’s impending arrival, but did nothing to prevent them docking in Vancouver. More million$ of tax-dollars down the drain since that episode began, and its still not finished.

In other words, if you’re Black, Brown, or Yellow, simply claim “refugee” status. If White, you’re out of luck!

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