Respect For Hillar Clinton: From The Uppity Woman’s Blog

This is re-posted from my left of right, and good cyber buddy.

Former Virginia Governor Douglas Wilder has been babbling all over the airwaves – trying to save Barack Obama’s sorry ass by pushing for a Hillary VP run. He’s just all warm and fuzzy about his good friend Hillary Clinton.

Yellow curry sauce via The Passionate Art Of Cooking’s Blog

This lady rocks with these recipes!

Yellow curry sauce.

Yellow curry sauce

Posted by: lastay on: December 27, 2011

5 tins coconut milk
400g curry powder yellow
200g turmeric
1\2 tbsp chopped ginger
2 tbsp chopped garlic
600 ml fish sauce
2 tbsp chopped caramelized onion
2 tbsp coriander seeds
2 tbsp caraway seeds

Cook the curry in 3 cooking spoons of coconut milk with turmeric, garlic,onions,ginger, caraway and coriander seeds for five minutes add the rest of coconut

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