US Marines Practice The Religion Of Pees!

Let me try to understand this. Our Marine snipers, who are fighting these 7th century throw backs, take a whizz on the dead enemy. An enemy who does not recognize the Geneva Convention, or any other rules of war. Rules of war? Why? Anyway, back here in the states, the mostly all the dems, and lefties are crying for the heads of these heroes. Are not theses the same flammin’ libs who spit on our soldiers when they returned from Nam? and called them baby killers?

I wonder what Daniel Pearle would have to say about this. Yup, the guy who got his bucket sawed off with a sword on video tape? Let me check and see if this is acceptable under the Geneva Convention. I am starting to understand why some of our soldiers are committing suicide: Mixed messages. They are trained to kill, but they have to be sensitive to their enemies feelings, and they must feel bad about what they have done. At least according to folks like Punknetta and Hillary. And we can’t leave out some of the commanding officers, who are surely condemning this because they don’t want to jeopardize their careers. You see, too many PC folks now infect the upper echelons of military command, as well as almost all of our government.

So I say, good job Marines, but let me give you some advice: Don’t video tape your victory Pee Parade!

The Canuck Continues

The Nanny State is quite expensive I see!
From The Curious Observer:

I didn’t have a chance to complete my thoughts,
Anyhow, everything is pricier up in Canada – gas, food, sales tax of 12% in most provinces (except oil-rich Alberta, which has no provincial sales tax). My family and I pay about $3000 a year in property taxes. I fill up my gas tank twice a month b/c I’m in an urban environment. If you had an 18-gallon SUV, it’s about $92 to fill up your gas tank.

It gets better, Wayne. There’s a government-controlled car insurance monopoly here called ICBC (Insurance Corporation of British Columbia). Yes, you read that right – government-run car insurance. I pay about $149/mo for car insurance – clean record, no accidents in my 17 years of driving. Now they’re talking about rate increases of $70 per month.

Oh, did I mention that you still pay $128 per month for basic health coverage? It’s called Medical Service Plan (MSP). A family of 3 pays that amount (mom, dad, child). So there’s no such thing as a free lunch. And that doesn’t include vision or dental.

If you take public transit more than one zone (outside Vancouver), it’s $4.25 each way. Within the city it’s $2.75 each way. Sure, there are monthly passes.

All that to say, it’s very, very expensive up here. So next time you hear people laud single-payer, ask them if they realize that most things are more expensive in those single payer countries.

Look at Norway – it’s $16 for a Big Mac meal, but they’ve got universal health care. Whoopee!

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