The Canuck Continues

The Nanny State is quite expensive I see!
From The Curious Observer:

I didn’t have a chance to complete my thoughts,
Anyhow, everything is pricier up in Canada – gas, food, sales tax of 12% in most provinces (except oil-rich Alberta, which has no provincial sales tax). My family and I pay about $3000 a year in property taxes. I fill up my gas tank twice a month b/c I’m in an urban environment. If you had an 18-gallon SUV, it’s about $92 to fill up your gas tank.

It gets better, Wayne. There’s a government-controlled car insurance monopoly here called ICBC (Insurance Corporation of British Columbia). Yes, you read that right – government-run car insurance. I pay about $149/mo for car insurance – clean record, no accidents in my 17 years of driving. Now they’re talking about rate increases of $70 per month.

Oh, did I mention that you still pay $128 per month for basic health coverage? It’s called Medical Service Plan (MSP). A family of 3 pays that amount (mom, dad, child). So there’s no such thing as a free lunch. And that doesn’t include vision or dental.

If you take public transit more than one zone (outside Vancouver), it’s $4.25 each way. Within the city it’s $2.75 each way. Sure, there are monthly passes.

All that to say, it’s very, very expensive up here. So next time you hear people laud single-payer, ask them if they realize that most things are more expensive in those single payer countries.

Look at Norway – it’s $16 for a Big Mac meal, but they’ve got universal health care. Whoopee!

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