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Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are surely breaking their opportunistic, race-baiting necks in a rush to Chapel Hill this morning. Yep, it appears that – once again – white folks at Duke University are once again discriminating against black folks. Oh, the humanity.

We’re not simply talking about a pole-dancing hooker lying about members of the lacrosse team this time; black Duke University students were singled out in a “racially-motivated” university research paper which found that blacks are disproportionately more likely to switch to easier majors than are their white counterparts.

How dare they conduct such an obviously racist study?

“The implications and intentions of this research at the hands of our very own prestigious faculty, seemingly without a genuine concern for proactively furthering the well-being of the black community is hurtful and alienating,” wrote the officers of Duke’s Black Student Alliance in an email sent to the state NAACP.

“Proactively furthering the well-being of the black community?” What the hell does that mean? Leveling the playing field? Affirmative action? Suppressing the results of the study? Not conducting the study in the first place?

The letter challenged the university to consider “What image has this report portrayed to the rest of the country, namely our peer institutions, about Duke and its black students?”

I have a more relevant (honest) question: What do the results of this study say about the students themselves? Is this not a classic (liberal) example of “shoot the messenger?” Rather than focus on the implication of the results of the study, its opponents choose to deny reality and focus on the study itself. Welcome – once again – to “progressive” America.

Understand what I’m saying here: The fact that black students switch to easier majors more frequently than do white students is of zero concern to me, nor do I find anything wrong with it. My point? Apparently, opponents of the research paper do find the idea abhorrent – or at least, embarrassing. If so, one would think they would seek to rectify the “problem,” rather than chastise those who bring it to light. But – then again, I’m using logic vs. racially-motivated emotion. Shame on me.

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