Trudeau And Obamunist

Tredeau sounds a lot like our The Obamunist we have in office now!

Trudeau describes his meeting with the Communist leaders like this: “… It is a stirring moment: these greybeards, in their ripe old age, embody today the triumph of an idea, an idea that has turned the whole world upside down and profoundly changed the course of human history.” Of the greybeard who has murdered more than 30 million Chinese, Trudeau says: ” … Mao Tse-tung, one of the great men of the century, has a powerful head, an unlined face, and a look of wisdom tinged with melancholy. The eyes in that tranquil face are heavy with having seen too much of the misery of men.”

You don’t believe he said it. I know. Neither did I. Get the book. Notice that the typical Trudeau sarcasm and condescension are gone. Now the Lord Protector of the Realm fawns and scrapes.

Indeed, says Trudeau: “Everyone knows that the Communists summarily rushed to the gallows or to jail many of the great landed proprietors. It was the genius of Mao Tse-tung to realize the extent to which his revolution must depend on the peasants, and he mercilessly suppressed the class that inspired in these peasants awe, respect, and submissiveness towards outworn traditions.”

This you still may not believe, even if you read the book yourself. Here, Trudeau not only justifies Mao Tse-tung’s mass murders – he applauds them. They are good, he says. They are necessary. They prove Mao’s genius.

A ThreeYear Goal

Yup, I am going to buckle down for once in my adult, or should I say semi-adult life, and set a goal, even though redneck through and through. I want a full-blown live off the grid camper for my truck! And part of this goal, is that I also have to invest a few grand in the truck too. I am proud of the fact that my primary mode of transportation will be 40 years young in 2014. In this day and age where your mechanic has a doctorate in engineering, and there is so much plastic on vehicles, that you can’t park it in direct sunlight for more than an hour, my 1974 Ford is mostly metal, and has nearly 460,000 thousand miles, and is paid for.

So, back to my goal, which I have to keep writing down because of my self diagnosed ADHD ( beer is the med of choice) I dream of traveling during my summers off. I don’t care if it is 30 miles to my favorite catfish hole, or 700 hundred miles to my other favorite catfish hole on the Colorado River in Arizona. I wanna know that if the country crashes, I can live off of the grid. Or more truthfully, I wanna sit outside of my camper, butt parked in the green and white striped lawn chair, Conway Twitty blasting, feet up on the cooler, tall cold one in hand, and dogs scratchin fleas like there is no tomorrow, and I am not working! This is my Heaven until Big J returns the second time to Earth to set things straight.

I think I can do this. What is it again?, that’s right, I remember now. 🙂

Human Trafficking: Modern Day Slavery Affecting 30 Millions Women and Children

Via my friend at Four Blue Hills Blog

Human Trafficking: Modern Day Slavery Affecting 30 Millions Women and Children.

Most people think that slavery is a crime of the past. However, this notion couldn’t be any further from the tragic reality of a well organized criminal activity which victimized more than 30 millions women and children worldwide. As matter of fact, there are more people being enslaved today than at any other time in human history. There are two distinct facets of this modern slave trade: one concerns victims who are sold, bought and used as sex slaves, the other one pertains to people exploited for labor purpose. In this article we will only try to get a grasp on the global sex trade aspect of human trafficking.

Solutions To America’s Problems: It Ain’t That Tuff

I heard today that Obama junked the Keystone pipeline. And Pelosi was quick to support him. Instead of going into details why I think these politicians and their handlers are denying we Americans access to our natural resources, I will tell you what should be done instead.

Somewhere in North Dakota, or in the other states where there is an abundance of shale, and natural gas, there must be a private land owner who sets atop of some of these reserves. They need to drill on their own! Screw the feds. I would make the ground breaking ceremony national news. I would screen,and invite 20,000 armed citizens. I would also recruit a team of conservative lawyers who believe that the constitution is not a living breathing document. And I would be sure that all the alphabet soup news channels were present also. Then I would drill!

I know that the federal government would not hesitate to go Ruby Ridge, or Waco Texas on us. The difference is, they would be unable to spin their unconstitutional actions as legal. People are going broke because of our insane natural resources policies. Canada is about to tell us to F-off, and go into partnership with the Chi-Coms. All the while we are being told that this will some how damage our environment so bad, that it is not worth it.
Damn it, we are the cleanest first world nation on the friggin planet. Technology that we have now, would insure that we still will be, even if we go full throttle production of our resources.
If you notice, those who keep us from doing what is right are the limo-libtards, the RHINO ultra rich GOP’ers, and the flea-bitten don’t work hippie squatters. All the while, the hard-working, fun-loving American Joe, and Josephine get screwed.
Is it time to take a stand and draw a line in the sand? I say you’re darn straight it is!

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