I just finished Jello’s newest sensation, pudding that tastes like ice cream sandwiches. Well, it was supposed to taste like an ice cream sandwich. I actually tasted like chocolate pudding.  They have other flavors as well, like Banana Cream Pie, which tastes exactly like banana pudding, and lemon meringue pie, which tastes suspiciously like lemon pudding.

I had a similar experience once, with the Jones cola brand. I seen the dumbest flavor of pop and of course I had to try it. My uncle brought over a special limited edition cola pack that featured Turkey and gravy pop.

Anyone who wants to drink Turkey gravy pop needs some help. I did try it, and for me, the experience was nothing like mom’s home made turkey dinner. Not only that, there is just something wrong with drinking what you should be eating.  What’s next? Baked Root Beer?

I admit it. I…

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