“Axelrod attacking Hillary? Say it ain’t so!

Barry and his “Axelrod attacking Hillary? Say it ain’t so! I have a few blogging buddies who are strong supporters of Hillary, which I am not. I do support men, and women, being treated equally, which Hillary was not.
“Change We Can Believe In”, a key Obama campaign slogan, was meant as a slur against Mrs Clinton’s personality, intended to highlight how she “couldn’t be trusted or believed in when it comes to change”, according to a memo seen by America’s New Yorker magazine.

“She’s driven by political calculation not conviction, regularly backing away and shifting positions … She embodies trench warfare vs Republicans, and is consumed with beating them rather than unifying the country and building consensus to get things done. She prides herself on working the system, not changing it,” the October 2007 memo added.

The memo was written by David Axelrod, a political adviser, as Obama’s nomination campaign stalled against Hillary Clinton during the height of the 2008 Democratic nomination process


This video is kinda hippie-ish, but worth the watch. Our world will not end/Begin again until the second coming of Christ.

I have known about this for a few years. I have a buddy who is driving a water truck. He says, from talking to a few of the guys in the know, that we could see one dollar a gallon gas in with 3 years if the federal government would just get out of the way. I really think the the shadow government wants to use up the rest of the world’s oil, before using our own. Or, they just want to keep the average American broke, and busy, so we don’t have time to see what is really going on.

Three Day Weekend: Not By Choice

Yes, normally three-day weekends rock, but when the third day is forced due to a seemingly minor malady, it takes most of the fun out of it.
Sunday was a really good day: two playoff football games too watch. I am not a big fan of the Patriots, seeing my team is the Dolphins, but the Raven stink, because of one player: Ray Lewis. He is one of the most marketed player for the NFL, but he his not a good guy. Some years back he, and a few of his buddies piled in to a limo, along with a couple other dudes, but when the doors re-opened, only Ray-Ray and his crew climbed out, leaving two men stabbed to death behind. For some unknown reason, nobody in Ray’s crew saw anything, along with Ray. I guess you just can’t get a natural-born street punk to ever change. To this day, nobody has answered for these murders.
Then the 49’ers lost in a really great game. Again, SF beat my Dolphins back in the day so I am no friend of the Red and Gold.
I also watched what used to be the Bob Hope Desert Classic, but now it is the Humana Tourney. It is a new format, and sadly, Bubba Clinton and his world health police have their claws in it. These big domestic,world government guys try to hoodwink people into believing they give a darn about your health, when it is nothing more than a control, and money issue. Bubba is says as much, but too many typical libs, and ignorant RHINO types don’t get it.

So, after all this fun, I wake up in the middle of the night and a swear I ate a sack of Ready Mix concrete! Yup, that keep me up most of the night, and well into the morning. It was either gravity, or my tapeworm working overtime, but the issue finally resolved itself:) I could hear the birds chirp, see butterflies dance; life is good, once more.

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