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John Hawkins of Right Wing News, wants to know, and so do I, how Obama would be handled in a Mainstream Media Debate….if he were Republican. OMG, how cool would that be ! Below The Looking Spoon’s graphic is a peek at the questions….

1) Numerous Mexican citizens and an American citizen have been killed with weapons knowingly provided to criminals by our own government during Operation Fast and Furious. If Eric Holder was aware that was going on, do you think he should step down as Attorney General? Were you aware that was going on and if so, shouldn’t you resign?

2) In 2010 you said Solyndra, which gave your campaign a lot of money, was “leading the way toward a brighter and more prosperous future.” Today, Solyndra is bankrupt and the taxpayers lost $500 million on loans that your administration was well aware might never be paid off…

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Ask The Chump In Chief A Question via YouTube
Of course, the guy will choose some questions that are submitted by his own chrome polishing Obots!
Here are my questions:

Are you your own person, or are you just doing as you are told? Or does wanting to transform America into something other than the greatest Republic the world has ever known, take priority over what many of the great people of America want?

Don’t you think it is hypocritical to pay other countries to develop their resources, for our consumption, while we refuse to allow it here?

Will you ever stand by your promise of transparency and fully investigate “Fast and Furious”? You do know this program killed Americans?

wWhy do you refuse to allow America to become energy independent through our vast domestic natural resources? Do you realize that even you, Mr President, through all of your failures, could be re-elected in a land slide by doing this?


Tuesday, January 24, 2012, President Obama delivered his annual State of the Union address.

Now, you can ask President Obama the questions that are on your mind about the direction of the country and vote on others that you think should be asked. He’ll answer several of your top-voted questions during a special interview, which will take place on Monday, January 30, live from the White House. A selection of people who submit questions will also be invited to join a Google+ Hangout live with the President during the interview.

The deadline to submit is January 28 at midnight ET so submit your question now.

Note: President Obama and the White House are not responsible for question selection and will not see the questions that will be asked prior to the interview.

1 day left to vote and ask your questions.

Where’s My Ship Dude?

I am just trying to imagine how this all went down. The captain leaves the bridge and places his first mate in command. If this dum basterd would have watched the intro to Gilligan’s Island, he would have known this was a bad move!

Ship Happens

Ok, between the partying Italian Captian who rolled his boat, and then claimed he fell into a life boat, and this skipper power sliding into a bridge, I just might have to re-evalute my fear of flying!

The Hillbilly’s Funny Bone

Received this in an e-mail. Makes you look at a bride holding flowers in a whole new light!

Where did “Piss Poor” come from?

Interesting History.

They used to use urine to tan animal skins, so families used to all pee in a pot.

And then once it was full it was taken and sold to the tannery…

if you had to do this to survive you were “Piss Poor”.

But worse than that were the really poor folk who couldn’t even afford to buy a pot…

They “didn’t have a pot to piss in” and were the lowest of the low.

The next time you are washing your hands and complain because the water temperature

Isn’t just how you like it, think about how things used to be.

Here are some facts about the 1500’s

Most people got married in June because they took their yearly bath in May,

And they still smelled pretty good by June. However, since they were starting to smell,

Brides carried a bouquet of flowers to hide the body odor.

Hence the custom today of carrying a bouquet when getting married.

Baths consisted of a big tub filled with hot water.

The man of the house had the privilege of the nice clean water,

Then all the other sons and men, then the women and finally the children.

Last of all the babies.

By then the water was so dirty you could actually lose someone in it.

Hence the saying, “Don’t throw the baby out with the Bath water!”

Houses had thatched roofs-thick straw-piled high, with no wood underneath.

It was the only place for animals to get warm, so all the cats and other small animals

(mice, bugs) lived in the roof.

When it rained it became slippery and sometimes the animals would slip and fall off the roof.

Hence the saying, “It’s raining cats and dogs.”

There was nothing to stop things from falling into the house.

This posed a real problem in the bedroom where bugs and other droppings

Could mess up your nice clean bed.

Hence, a bed with big posts and a sheet hung over the top afforded some protection.

That’s how canopy beds came into existence.

The floor was dirt. Only the wealthy had something other than dirt.

Hence the saying, “Dirt poor.” The wealthy had slate floors that would get slippery

In the winter when wet, so they spread thresh (straw) on the floor to help keep their footing.

As the winter wore on, they added more thresh until, when you opened the door,

It would all start slipping outside. A piece of wood was placed in the entrance-way.

Hence: a thresh hold.

(Getting quite an education, aren’t you?)

In those old days, they cooked in the kitchen with a big kettle that always hung over the fire.

Every day they lit the fire and added things to the pot. They ate mostly vegetables

And did not get much meat. They would eat the stew for dinner, leaving leftovers

In the pot to get cold overnight and then start over the next day.

Sometimes stew had food in it that had been there for quite a while.

Hence the rhyme:

�Peas porridge hot, peas porridge cold, peas porridge in the pot nine days old�.

Sometimes they could obtain pork, which made them feel quite special.

When visitors came over, they would hang up their bacon to show off.

It was a sign of wealth that a man could, “bring home the bacon.”

They would cut off a little to share with guests

And would all sit around and chew the fat.

Those with money had plates made of pewter.

Food with high acid content caused some of the lead to leach onto the food, causing lead poisoning death.

This happened most often with tomatoes,

so for the next 400 years or so, tomatoes were considered poisonous.

Bread was divided according to status.

Workers got the burnt bottom of the loaf, the family got the middle,

and guests got the top, or the upper crust.

Lead cups were used to drink ale or whisky.

The combination would sometimes knock the imbibers out for a couple of days.

Someone walking along the road would take them for dead and prepare them for burial.

They were laid out on the kitchen table for a couple of days and the family would gather around

and eat and drink and wait and see if they would wake up.

Hence the custom; “of holding a wake”.

Englandis old and small and the local folks started running out of places to bury people.

So they would dig up coffins and would take the bones to a bone-house, and reuse the grave..

When reopening these coffins, 1 out of 25 coffins were found to have scratch marks on the inside and they realized they had been burying people alive.

So they would tie a string on the wrist of the corpse, lead it through the coffin and up through the ground and tie it to a bell.

Someone would have to sit out in the graveyard all night (the graveyard shift) to listen for the bell; thus, someone could be,

“saved by the bell” or was “considered a dead ringer”.

And that’s the truth.

You got that right Don. The boob tube has truly become the portal of the perverse. When I was a kid, I would stay up late and try to catch an episode of Benny Hill, because of the slight chance of seeing a brief glimpse of a woman’s knocker! kids now have instant access to the most vile content known to man.
I pretty much stick to the Golf and Military/history channels. I can’t even find the old Warner bros. classic cartoons becuase the have been deemed not PC!

The Problem with Young People Today Is...

It seems to me that one of the best indicators of this nation’s moral decay is the reprehensible nonsense that passes for humor nowadays.

When I was a boy, people didn’t have time for humor. We were too busy wiping the smirk off Hitler’s face to concern ourselves with mindless tittering and idle guffaws. For us, laughter was like shoe laces or smallpox vaccines – nice to have but not a luxury most of us could afford.

And when we did indulge ourselves in some mindless comic diversion we sought out decent, civilized humorists – men who told knock-knock jokes and lamented their wives outrageous spending and disappointing attempts to make pot roast. Men who peppered us with puns and poked fun at the foibles of nagging mothers-in-laws and the dangers of shady foreigners.

Our comics didn’t denigrate our country’s values – they embodied them.

These days though it seems…

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Nice Feet

I bet this picture was taken in a bathroom inside a double-wide!


New take on shoes.  Or absence, thereof. 

Probably not good for hiking where there are cacti.

Especially if there is infection  and inflammation, like on the left foot. 

“Shoe lace piercings.”
Image courtesy of

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What a DuMoFu! Thanks to him, no candidate will ever have to answer the question of “Are you qualified for the job?” The bar has not only been set low, it has been sunk 5 feet deep!

I am starting to like Ron Paul’s isolationist views more every day! We have enough resources, and the military power, to give the bag middle finger to the rest of the world. We can do business with the Canucks, Limies,Aussies,and Japanese. Screw everybody else

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