Musc For My 60’s Lovin’ Friends

Here ya go. I know the Hillbilly can poke some fun at hippies, and their bards. Just remember, it is all in fun. 🙂

Bibjous Days Continue

In English grammer, the matter of article, definite(the) and indefinite(a) is especially difficult, for there are no such concept in Japanese. Japanese doesn’t always distinguish singular and plural noun, either.
We learn “the” is used for something you already know (the girl you told me yesterday), or a specific part of something (theeye of the storm) or only one thing in the world (the sun), etc.

The other day, when I was writing a joke about the play Romeo and Juliet, suddenly a phrase came to my brain:

Romeo and the Juliet

“Sounds like a pop chorus group,” I thought.

Then another idea came to me. “If the name of the soul music group Cool and the Gang were Cool and Gang, it would sound not so cool.”

And another “If the song title Set the world on fire were Set World on fire

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Another ” In A Blink Of An Eye” Story

I recently was blessed enough to speak with a nice young man who had substitute taught at my campus. He recently graduated from a university in Florida, and returned to California. He was telling about what a wonderful day he had. The students and staff were great, and he enjoyed the Friday treats that were in the staff’s lounge. We spoke about golf, and he had asked me what I liked about coaching the sport. He was eager to return and I told him I would make sure to pull some strings and get him back ASAP.

The other day in the local news paper there was a report of an automobile accident involving to men. Only a name was given. It was the same as “our sub”. His is a common name, so I did some checking. II contacted the paper, but they could not confirm he was the nice man I had spoken to. Well, what the paper could not confirm in an e-mail to me, it did on the obituary page. It was him. Our conversation lasted 20 minutes; a blink of an eye. He died at 26 years of age: A blink of an eye.

This is why I believe so much in My Father. While it is a sad day here for his family, fiends, and those like me who briefly knew him, it is a joyous day in Heaven. He is now home with The Father and His Son.

Dead Monkee: Davey Jones Dies In Florida

This is sad. The Monkee’s were what rock music should be all about: Fun!

Reuters) – Davy Jones, former lead singer of the 1960s made-for-television pop band The Monkees, died on Wednesday after suffering a heart attack in Florida, according to his longtime publicist. He was 66.

Jones’ death was confirmed by Christine Weekes, administrative manager for the medical examiner’s office in Fort Pierce, Florida, near the Martin Memorial Hospital South where the performer had been taken.


Rick Santorum is sponsoring a car in the Daytona 500. That is awesome! He gave the driver this advice – “I talked to him about a strategy. I recommended he stay back in the pack, you know, hang back there until the right time, and then bolt to the front when it really counts,” Santorum said. “I’m hoping that for the first, you know, maybe 300, 400 miles, he’s sitting way, way back, letting all the other folks crash and burn, and then sneak up at the end and win this thing.”

Pic H/T ABC 

Rick Santorum defended comments he made last year in which he was critical of President John F. Kennedy’s speech on religion’s place in politics.  Santorum said  “Earlier in my political career I had opportunity to read the speech, and I almost threw up.”  He was specifically talking about this line in JFK’s speech – …

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Partial List Of Most Overated People,Places, And Things

These appear in no particular order of importance!

The Beatles and Bob Dylan: Sappy hippies who could play a few instruments and sting a few rhymes together.

FDR and JFK: A couple of 1percenters who never worked an honest job. One could not walk, the other could not duck and cover.

The Super Bowl: Fun to watch but not in February. Remember, it is still just a kid’s game.

M.A.S.H.: The tv show was rarely factual, and the movie was even worse.

Richard Pryor: Thought using gutter language was funny. Catching his face on fire, now that is funny!

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