I heard the audio, and she needs to be removed from the bench. You should check the Wiki-pedia page on her and see how often the refer to her religious upbringing? Scary broad!

Redemption for Phoenix Open winner Kyle Stanley | Golf Channel

Redemption for Phoenix Open winner Kyle Stanley | Golf Channel.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – Kyle Stanley stood just outside the scoring trailer at the Waste Management Phoenix Open, the late Sunday afternoon sun beaming down on a smile that wouldn’t go away. Spencer Levin trudged past him, head down, looking mentally bruised and battered from a five-hour death march through the desert

Who says losing is can’t be a positive motivator?

Earthquake Phillippines

So how long until “the big one” hits California?

A 6.8 magnitude earthquake hit the Philippines Monday, reportedly killing a child.
The child was crushed by a concrete fence from a damaged home, The Associated Press reported from the Office of Civil Defense. The quake struck northeast of Dumaguete, Negros Island reportedly causing some to flee their jobs, schools and public places.

Pictures do so much more than words.

Project 365 Vets

I ran across this video that  a son made for the time his father spent in Vietnam and was touched by the memories he put together. Thank you Mike Daley and family for your service and sacrifices, they will not be forgotten.

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Five Most Recent Acts Of Stupidity I Have Witnessed!

I had to limit it to five do to a space constraint!

1: Dude on a motorcycle splitting lanes while traffic was stopped at a red light. How this manuever is legal, I will never know. He clipped a side mirror on a truck, and almost dumped his ride. At least he checked to see if the owner of the vehicle had any damage to his truck.

2: Tweaker babe crossing a 6-lane street while the light is green. What else is there to say but “TWEAKER.”

3: Skinny swimmer dude at the gym walking into the weight room in a Speedo. Not sure if this is stupid, or just simple insanity! YUCK! Can you say banana hammock?

4: Me walking into the darkest part of my backyard, barefooted, at night, without having picked up the “mutt-mines” earlier in the day. Yup, squished a big ol’ pile right up between the piggies> 😦

5: Me again, for actually writing about number 4!

Wait til BofA tanks, and becomes part of Freddie and Fannie!


Uniforms.  Some might do service to their country by wearing them. 

Consituents  would be well-served to identify those who grease a politician’s wheels.

“Senators Should Wear Uniforms like NASCAR Drivers so we could Identify their Corporate Sponsers.”
Image courtesy of http://imgur.com/gallery/HiJBE.

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Single, Employed And Getting The Shaft From Uncle Sam

Happy Monday to all, if this is possible! I am becoming quite accustomed to shutting down the Hillbilly press during the weekend. I figure it is like my weight training and dieting; 5 days an, and 2 days off. I almost broke the routine yesterday. Not because I was happy/sad about the outcome of the Super Bowl, but rather I am not thrilled about my income taxes for next year.

I am in the process of selling my house, which means I am losing my very large tax write-off. So instead of being ripped off for 364 days of the year, and tossed a few of my own crumbs on the 365th day, I will now be screwed on every day! My tax professional says that Uncle Sam loves us single,employed folks the best. So where are all the OWS unemployed pukes now? So let me understand this: No job, no money, no taxes no life, and they are rewarded by social services they are not even paying for?

Here is a thought: No job, no taxes equal no right to vote! Once these schmucks realize, and I think they have, that they can vote for politicians that will provide for them, we are done as a nation. Why I am forced to work and pay taxes just to see them spent on services of slackers? Don’t get me wrong, if a person is truly disabled or a veteran, then use my stolen dollars on them. When I hear some able body, commie cream puff whines about not being able to afford to go to college, or find a job because of the imaginary 1%, I say tough! Nowhere in the Constitution does it say people have the right not to fail, not to be poor, or not to be hungry. And the Constitution does not say that I have to pay for these snivelers.

Ok, I am going to have to end this post now because I am not in the mood to get fired up on a Monday morning. Then again, instead of drinking so much coffee, I can instead just keep re-reading this post!

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