So snitches can now stich themselves up?


Need stitches?  Don’t have the time for long emergency room waits?  Stuck out in the middle of nowhere, where the ambulances don’t run?  Considering dabbling in surgery?  Your HMO doesn’t cover accidents?

Well wait no more!  Here it is.  Some lessons in do it yourself home surgery.  Complete with pictures to aid the budding home surgeon.

Stitch Yourself Shut- Surgery at home.  Instructables.

Pain medication not included.

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  1. loopyloo305
    Feb 07, 2012 @ 13:37:43

    Steri strips and super glue work much better!


  2. Amberr Meadows
    Feb 11, 2012 @ 08:57:16



  3. The Conservative Hill Billy
    Feb 11, 2012 @ 09:05:07

    Just think if ya had to stitch a head or an inner thigh wound!


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