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“Hey!  Congratulations man!  You picked a hill worth dying for and just got your leg shot off instead of dying.  Cool!”

“I didn’t pick it man.  I don’t know who picked it.  Maybe the General.  Maybe the Colonel.  Maybe the other side.  I din’t do any picking.  Nobody asked me anything.”

“Wow.  You got your leg shot off and didn’t even make your own choice about whether it was worth the effort?”

“Higher than my paygrade.  Not my job to figure out whether hopping around on a stump of a leg the rest of my life or spilling my guts across the landscape is worth why they think I should do it.  It’s up to the big brains to decide that.  The Generals, and Colonels and Lieutenants.  The people who see the bigger picture.  I’m not into long-term thinking.”

“Sheeze man.  Tough gig.”

Bloody Valverde.  Measured in percentage of casualties…

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The Conservative Hill Billy:

What jackasses! The phrase they would change to mentions miracles. Who does those? God does. This is unconstitutional. The mentioning of God is not a federal mandate to believe in God, or any other god. These atheist are playing god! What they need is a good ol’fashion ass kicking.

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Chalk up another victory for the Godless, America. The Air Force has bowed to pressure from the Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers and removed the Latin phrase, “Opus Dei Cum Pecunia Alienum Efficemus” – “Doing God’s Work With Other People’s Money”from the Rapid Capabilities Office logo. (Atheists speak Latin?)

Rep. Randy Forbes, (R-VA), who is pressing the Air Force to reverse it decision, said patches were removed from uniforms several weeks ago so the phrase could be rewritten in Latin to read, “Doing Miracles with Other People’s Money.” 

This change, of course, begs the question: Will atheists now complain that the “miracle thing” alludes to God, or will they simply assume it references the works of Barack Obama?

Forbes, along with a bi-partisan group of 35 lawmakers, sent a letter to Air Force Secretary Michael Donley…

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Preppers: Sign This Hillbilly Up

I am always the one ranting about how it is a matter of time before our society takes a hard left turn over the cliff, and is plunged into a world of chaos and violence. Sounds pretty good to me, this sitting around playing golf is getting pretty boring anyways. Of course, I am partly joking, but having watched a show last night on tv about folks who are preparing for these days, I realized I might be able to kick ass and take names, but at some point I am going to run out of beer,ammo,food, and Alpo!

So I am asking for some help here: Please give me some WordPress blogs that are written by Preppers. I found one, but I hate using “google” and I can’t find a WordPress search. I can see one problem I am going to have: How the heck can I store beer, when I consume more than I can store? Yikes, sounds like I have something in common with the federal government.

The Conservative Hill Billy:

I loved the show last night. I am new to “prepper’s” world. I do believe you folks are a head of the game and are going into the right direction. Give this Hillbilly some learnin’ time to get up to speed. :)

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Well folks, as the popularity of our culture/ideals/beliefs spreads – we will start to see more of this time of television.  There have been shows about prepping before but not like this.  This appears to be about “real” preppers (quotes are intentional), what they are prepping for and then “professional preppers” critique their setup.  Why wasn’t I asked to consult on this show?  NatGeo… I am waiting!  Check out the show’s page HERE at National Geographic’s Site.

OVERALL IMPRESSIONS / OPENING THOUGHTS: Ok, first off the show wasn’t bad and held my attention.  It featured actually people so the general public can relate.  This is opposed to experts (sometimes nutbags) who usually just speak at the camera.  Let’s face it – there are very REAL reasons why we should prep and there are some waaaaay out there crazy reasons too.  I am not judging you and why you prep BUT…

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Nice Guy Finishes First

Rick seems to be the Tebow Of the GOP.


After Rick Santorum’s stunning success, a Mitt Romney nomination looks far from inevitable

Why Wednesday Is Called Hump Day?

When did the term “hump” day become the chosen term for wednesday? Possibly in a brothel?

I want to take credit for naming the rest of the days of the week.

Monday: Slump Day.

Tuesday: Red-Headed Step Child Day

Thursday: I See The Beer Truck Coming Day

Friday: Pre-Beer Bender Day

Saturday: No Shoes No Shirt No Problem Day

Sunday: Pre-Slump Day/Liver Appreciation Day

The Conservative Hill Billy:

Ruthie needs to be removed from the bench yesterday. Any court judge who believes that our constituion is somehow not “good” enough in 2012 to be a model for an emerging nation, should not be ruling on constituional issues.

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Why the South African Constitution is better than the U.S. goes on to describe the good news.  I have been scouting around in order to find out what Supreme Ginsburg had in mind for us as well as Egypt. What do you know, Cass Sunstein’s name crops up. Does anyone, can anyone not understand where we are headed with Obama? Here we go. A portion of the above link, then Sunstein.

Cass Sunstein said that the South African Constitution is “the most admirable constitution in the history of the world.” It contains a lengthy list of socio-economic rights, which the drafters hoped would protect and assist those disadvantaged by Apartheid and those who are poor and vulnerable. The relatively new South African Constitutional Court has required the government to implement these rights. Conversely, the United States Supreme Court has been unwilling to find socio-economic rights in the United States Constitution…

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The Conservative Hill Billy:

Darn Arizona and their common sense appraoches? LOL!

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Here’s to non-political correctness, common sense and America.

The Arizona Supreme Court on Tuesday affirmed a ruling that barred a woman from running for a city council seat because she doesn’t speak English proficiently. Wow. In today’s upside down America, one would have expected a decision requiring that the entire city learn Spanish to accommodate the woman.

However, this is Arizona. This is the state whose legislature stands up to the Regime and passes tough immigration legislation. This is the state whose governor isn’t intimidated by – nor does she get a thrill up her leg over – Barack Obama. Obviously, this is also a state whose Supreme court isn’t packed with activist judges by liberal politicians.

The state’s highest court ruled that Alejandrina Cabrera’s name should not appear on the March 13 ballot in San Luis – although it…

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The Conservative Hill Billy:

UW, I just did a post that shows just how far we have de-volved with our tv programming. From Wally Cleaver to Snooky in just under 50 years!

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I saw an episode of Toddlers and Tiaras a few months ago.  I felt such disgust and revulsion at  what I was watching.  Little girls – yes, toddlers – all dolled up by their moms to look like adult female MODELS.  These poor little kids should be out playing in the park, getting dirty, learning to develop competency in age-appropriate activities.  Instead they’re being taught that their (grown up, feminine) appearance is what defines them!  They’re praised for being “beautiful” – but what IS this beauty?

These mothers put fake eyelashes on their daughters; spray tans (a fake color); blush, eye liner, eye shadow (other forms of fake color); flippers (fake teeth!); and wigs (fake hair) – it’s all FAKE!  So these girls are not only learning that beauty is most important, but that they have to go to incredible lengths to ACHIEVE that beauty by making themselves into…

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Liberal Infection Of Our News Media: Cronkite Was One Of Them

Yes, this “America’s” anchor-man was a true blue, biased liberal. Here is a site with many quotes that a lot of Americans either never heard, or have forgotten about. And he did lie about the Tet Offensive on national tv!


“It seems to me that instead of cutting taxes, we ought to be increasing the taxes to pay off the deficit.”
— Cronkite on CNN NewsNight with Aaron Brown, June 18, 2003.

“If we are to avoid that catastrophe [a nuclear World War III], a system of world order — preferably a system of world government — is mandatory. The proud nations someday will see the light and, for the common good and their own survival, yield up their precious sovereignty, just as America’s thirteen colonies did two centuries ago. When we finally come to our senses and establish a world executive and parliament of nations, thanks to the Nuremburg precedent we will already have in place the fundamentals for the third branch of government, the judiciary.”
— Cronkite in his 1997 book, A Reporter’s Life.

“I think very definitely that foreign policy could have caused what has happened [last September 11]….It certainly should be apparent now — it should be, for goodness sakes understood now, but it is not — that the problem is this great division between the rich and the poor in the world. We represent the rich….Most of these other nations of Africa, Asia and South America and Central America are very, very poor….This is a revolution in effect around the world. A revolution is in place today. We are suffering from a revolution of the poor and have-nots against the rich and haves and that’s us.”
— Walter Cronkite on CNN’s Larry King Live, September 9, 2002.


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