Ruthie needs to be removed from the bench yesterday. Any court judge who believes that our constituion is somehow not “good” enough in 2012 to be a model for an emerging nation, should not be ruling on constituional issues.

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Why the South African Constitution is better than the U.S. goes on to describe the good news.  I have been scouting around in order to find out what Supreme Ginsburg had in mind for us as well as Egypt. What do you know, Cass Sunstein’s name crops up. Does anyone, can anyone not understand where we are headed with Obama? Here we go. A portion of the above link, then Sunstein.

Cass Sunstein said that the South African Constitution is “the most admirable constitution in the history of the world.” It contains a lengthy list of socio-economic rights, which the drafters hoped would protect and assist those disadvantaged by Apartheid and those who are poor and vulnerable. The relatively new South African Constitutional Court has required the government to implement these rights. Conversely, the United States Supreme Court has been unwilling to find socio-economic rights in the United States Constitution…

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  1. Sherry
    Feb 08, 2012 @ 09:41:55

    I would be more than glad to help her pack and move to South Africa…


  2. bunkerville
    Feb 08, 2012 @ 09:55:45

    Thanks for the link@!


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