Breaking The Law

No, I am not freshly out of the pokey. I was not arrested for some drunken hillbilly shenanigans, as if there are any other type. I am just breaking my law of blogging on a weekend. Though it is a three-day weekend for me. So I guess this counts as a Friday 2.0!

I just wanted to post a few random, meaningless thoughts before I shove off into doing whatever it is I do!

Here I go: If happy hours at bars generate more business, why don’t they just run it from open till close?

Why does every drop of moisture always land in your crotch when you are in a public place?

How many substances can be found on your shoes?

Why hasn’t somebody taken my advice and invented reversible underwear with one side being brown, and the other yellow?

Why do people shrink as they get older?

Why do psychic get hit by cars?

Why don’t psychic when the lottery every time.

Why am I not drinkin’ beer instead of writing this post?

6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Carl D'Agostino
    Feb 11, 2012 @ 15:41:14

    Relieved to find someone else pondering these great issues of our time too.


  2. Danlrene ©2011
    Feb 11, 2012 @ 20:32:37

    good ones. 🙂


  3. The Conservative Hill Billy
    Feb 12, 2012 @ 11:33:22

    Here here Carl! Us fellow deep thinkers have to do the heavy lifting for others. 🙂


  4. Raven of Leyla
    Feb 13, 2012 @ 11:19:16

    How old will I be when I start to shrink? LOL
    I have always been on the slow side.


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