Dr. Michael Savage Speaks On Eastwood And The Chrysler Rip-Off

Even the mighty Eastwood has been fooled by Barry and his thug buddies.

“The people in Detroit know something about this,” Eastwood says of the harsh economic conditions of the past several years. “They almost lost everything. But we all pulled together. Now Motor City is fighting again.”

But Savage told his listeners that while most Americans believe that Chrysler repaid the loan, “if you read the fine print, Chrysler ran off with $1.3 billion.”

“It was astonishing for a man who allegedly is somewhat conservative … to be talking about bailing out the auto industry,” Savage said of Eastwood.

Savage traced the $12.5 billion that the Treasury Department gave Chrysler in 2009. Last year, the Italian automaker Fiat bought the government’s 6 percent stake in Chrysler, which closed the books on the feds’ involvement.

In the end, taxpayers were out $1.3 billion

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  1. Teresa Rice
    Feb 15, 2012 @ 16:10:35

    No more bailouts!


  2. wayne2008sblogsite
    Feb 15, 2012 @ 16:29:38

    Chrysler and all the automakers who were bailed out by Obama would have survived without the loan. Look at Ford Motor Company no loan and they survived. Bailouts became fat bonuses for the greedy it was one gigantic mistake and we still haven’t paid the tab on this bailout to the Federal Reserve at compounded interest rates. Communist China has placed tariffs on American cars imported yet we do nothing but take it…………..no more free trade how about fair trade instead?


  3. Carl D'Agostino
    Feb 16, 2012 @ 07:34:09

    What are these feel good commercials supposed to accomplish? Let’s go buy a car? Not with 30 million unemployed. Like that “It’s morning in America” ad for Reagan. Not for millions of people it wasn’t.


  4. The Conservative Hill Billy
    Feb 16, 2012 @ 09:21:50

    Bottom line, US taxpayers got shafted, and it happened to libs,conservs, and everybody in between!


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