Hints and Clues About Prepping’s Growing Popularity – Costco?

Suburban Preparedness and Suburban Survival

One might ask themselves about the underlying cause for prepping becoming mainstream.  Is it because of the economy?  Is it because of foreign unrest?  Is it because of the walking dead tv show on AMC? No one knows the answer but one thing is for sure – Prepping is growing in popularity as is evidenced by main stream media and business.

Years ago it was companies like Nitro-pak who were the only large prepping retailers.  Now, we have many choices.  Years ago tactical gear was sold only by cheaper-than-dirt and targeted to civilians.  Now we have tactical gear sold at amazon.com.  I like to look at the underlying evidence that prepping is gaining momentum.

Let’s look at Costco.  Yup, Costco.  Costco used to be a place to buy bulk food or batteries but not full of prep gear or long-term storage food.  Many of you might have noticed Costco’s foray into preparedness gear. …

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