Hyper Sensitivity From A Texas School Board

A two-time teacher of the year award winner Shirley Bunn, is fighting to keep her job because of a simple quip she made to an unruly student. In response to a student who was disrupting other students due to his yelling, “I am Mexican” Mrs. Bunn said, “Then go back to Mexico.” She had been trying to explain to him that certain form were available in English, and Spanish. How much does all the extra paper cost to print in Spanish? Anyway, the point is there is nothing wrong with her comment. If the student was yelling “I am German” and she responded “Well, go back to Germany”, this would not even be an issue.

She made no mention of his citizenship. She did not say anything derogatory towards him or Mexico. So what is all the fuss about? Easy, folks who are messing up, and get caught, know they need to deflect blame away from themselves, and place it elsewhere. Kids learn this at a very early age. This student, and his parent, or parents, know that screaming racism at a middle age white lady is a great strategy to use to get their brat off of the hook.

Mexican. I’m Mexican.”

Public record stated that Bunn attempted to tell the student that he could retrieve forms translated into Spanish from the main office, but the student continued to repeat “I’m Mexican.”

Bunn replied, “[Then] go back to Mexico.”

The school board put Bunn on paid leave after the incident, until an Independent Hearing Examiner could review the case.

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  1. Just A Smidgen
    Feb 17, 2012 @ 12:23:13

    I couldn’t begin to express my anger over the suffering this little spoiled prat and his doting family have cost a hard- working and poorly paid teacher. Teachers are expected to withstand all sorts of abuse but the one time she loses her patience she is villified for not being perfect.


  2. Victor Ho
    Feb 17, 2012 @ 15:52:01

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Just to be certain, you’re dealing with a liberal (me) here. No offense. And, you’re also in a pretty liberal state. I just find the circumstances interesting. All the best.


    • The Conservative Hill Billy
      Feb 17, 2012 @ 16:10:30

      Thanks for the visit Victor. No worries about your political views by me. I get along well with everyone. 🙂 You should check out my cyber buddy’s website: The Uppity Woman. I have a link. She is a liberal, and most everyone there is too. But they are all very nice to me. God Bless.


  3. wayne2008sblogsite
    Feb 17, 2012 @ 16:04:39

    If the teacher admitted she told the student to go back to Mexico then she should be placed on leave if she was not in a union she would be fired. It’s one thing to falsely accuse this is not the case here.She is on paid leave.

    Racial tensions still run deep in Texas especially since they’re a border state and the state wishes to secede from the United States.

    ” I’m German” maybe that would have made a difference elsewhere but bigotry exists and it should be stamped out.

    I seriously doubt a white student in a classroom filled with Hispanics students and an Hispanic teacher yelled out I am White and the teacher responded You should be Hispanic then, the student and parents would react any differently in protesting this offensive abuse by the teacher.

    The teacher was out of line…

    What city did that occur in?


  4. wayne2008sblogsite
    Feb 17, 2012 @ 16:34:22

    The student is in an environment where many don’t understand the difference between an Hispanic, Mexican or a brown skinned person who speaks Spanish, all brown skinned humans are considered Mexicans in Texas unless they’re from India or the Middle East and then they would be called Arabs.

    The student may have said he was Mexican this does not mean he is a Mexican National it means he is a Mexican-American just like any other immigrant, the student in my opinion was trying to say he spoke Spanish and the teacher did not correct the student but insulted the student and this will have a much larger effect on all Spanish speaking students who will be persecuted for being brown skinned or because they speak Spanish.

    This disrespect by the teacher goes farther than the classroom I would assume since they have different forms printed in both Spanish and English that there are a lot of Spanish speaking students at that school.


  5. wayne2008sblogsite
    Feb 17, 2012 @ 17:27:04

    Eighth grader:

    According to public record, Bunn attempted to tell the student that he could retrieve forms translated into Spanish from the main office, but the student continued to repeat “I’m Mexican.”

    Bunn quickly responded, “[Then] go back to Mexico.”
    Texas teacher tells brat student to “Go back to Mexico”
    February 17, 2012 at 1:20 pm by dan.mcgraw@chron.com (Dan X. McGraw)
    A Texas teacher is fighting to keep her job after allegedly telling a Hispanic student to “go back to Mexico,” according to a Fox 4 News story.


  6. wayne2008sblogsite
    Feb 17, 2012 @ 17:52:13

    Sorry to hear about your teacher friend. I don’t see how teachers can teach now days with all the gang banger life style being indoctrinated into the schools. It takes more than just an education to be a teacher.


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