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This is the truth “Make no mistake about it, although these workshops, orientation sessions and “sensitivity training” include participants from all races and backgrounds, this elaborate attempt at reprogramming individuals was contrived primarily to recalibrate whites, and especially young whites.

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By Elizabeth Wright

Foundation for Individual Rights in Education

FIRE’s revelations about a dark side of campus life was their introduction to the mad world ofbrainwashing which is the new American college system.

Academic courses no longer suffice as the primary function of academic institutions. For years now, mandatory “re-education” sessions, designed to divest the student participants of their own beliefs and convictions have become a ritual.

Make no mistake about it, although these workshops, orientation sessions and “sensitivity training” include participants from all races and backgrounds, this elaborate attempt at reprogramming individuals was contrived primarily to recalibrateWhites, and especially young White people.

It was not long before this reprogramming began to filter down into the lower grades of high school and earlier. Soon it spilled over from the campus and class room into the work force, as businesses…

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Still Love This Commercial!

This just works for me on all levels!

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London to Yangon – That’s 16 hours and a 40C swing in temperature. I think I’ll manage!

I will be teaching at two bible colleges, and speaking in two local churches. I would appreciate prayers, of course, especially for the family while I’m away. Many thanks!

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Out here on the Left Coast, we were once again fortunate to host the President for another fundraising event as he continues to soak Hollywood for campaign contributions.  So important is it for him to increase his already bulging war chest that he thinks nothing of inconveniencing a city of millions for hours, creating gridlock wherever he goes — during rush hour, no less.  And in L.A., rush hour lasts for hours regardless.  Nothing like making it a lot worse to endear yourself to the voters.

Even friends of mine who supported and voted for him have tossed in the towel over this one.  As they say, the optics are not good.  It is harder and harder to carry on like a 99%-er and a man of the people when you host dinners with such high sticker shock.  The top price for a dinner ticket was $35,800.  

Ironic also is that an administration…

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Hat Tip to John Safer

Uploaded by ppsimmons on Jul 27, 2010

Obama, Iran and Israel: Triggers for World War III:

Turkey’s Role in Prophesy, Revelation & Armageddon:

Uploaded by ppsimmons on Apr 1, 2011

Hear Carl Gallups (Narrator of this video) on Live talk radio on NW FL’s TALK RADIO – 1330 WEBY AM – broadcasting to a 4 state area on the Gulf Coast – every Friday afternoon – 4-6 pm CT.

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YouWell,these folks are all Roads Scholars right?r comments (optional)

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According to the NY Daily News,

The White House recently announced that the Vice President would be attending campaign events in “Road Island.”

(H/t Dana Loesch)

Sorry, but there is no screenshot of the offending press release, though I do have one here where someone at the White House evidently thinks that he/she works at the “White Hosue”.

Seriously, everyone can make typos and spelling mistakes, but when they keep cropping up in the same office, it speaks of major problems that flow from the top down. Either the people working there are totally incompetent, or on crack.

You decide.

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My Parents Drugged Me!

My Parents Drugged Me!

“The other day, someone at a store in our town read that a Methamphetamine lab had been found in an old farmhouse in the adjoining county and he asked me a rhetorical question: “Why didn’t we have a drug problem when you and I were growing up?”

“I replied, “I had a drug problem when I was young! I was drug to church on Sunday morning. I was drug to church for weddings and funerals. I was drug to family reunions and community socials no matter the weather.

“I was drug by my ears when I was disrespectful to adults. I was also drug to the woodshed when I disobeyed my parents, told a lie, brought home a bad report card, did not speak with respect, spoke ill of the teacher or the preacher, or if I didn’t put forth my best effort in everything that was asked of me.

“I was drug to the kitchen sink to have my mouth washed out with soap if I uttered a profanity.

“I was drug out to pull weeds in mom’s garden and flowerbeds and cocklebur’s out of dad’s fields.

“I was drug to the homes of family, friends and neighbors to help out some poor soul who had no one to mow the yard, repair the clothesline, or chop some firewood; and, if my mother had ever known that I took a single dime as a tip for this kindness, she would have drug me back to the woodshed.

“Those drugs are still in my veins and they affect my behavior in everything I do, say, or think. They are stronger than cocaine, crack, or heroin; and, if today’s children had this kind of drug problem, America would be a better place.”

God bless the parents who drugged us.

– Author Unknown –


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I got my eyes DOWN on you Buddy!! One wrong move and I'm gonna tattle on you . . .

My friend, you would be DOWN and blue if you have that black and white tattle Kitty stalking you!


On the third Monday of February, the United States celebrates President’s Day in honor of the first president, George Washington.  America’s sixteenth president, Abraham Lincoln said, . . .

“I am a success today because I had a friend who believed in me and I didn’t have the heart to let him DOWN . . .”    (Quote: Quotations)


A life lesson I am learning:

“You are never down and out when you can write about something.”

Sunshine xoxo

Inspiration: Weekly Photo Challenge: Down.

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This is great PCC!

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Okay, I’m going to be perfectly honest and transparent here, folks…I would rather eat a Big Mac than work out (of course, most of you already know that). That being said, I still work out all the timetirelessly on occasion. I put on my best neon-coloured spandex outfit, my trendiest terry-cloth sweatband, and pull up my hair into the highest, tightest ponytail humanly possible and get my body moving*.

(*The last time I worked out, this was the fashion…this is still acceptable workout attire, I assume.)

Sort of what I look like at the gym.

So, last night, I was talking to one of my friends about working out and, somehow, we started talking about all of the things we think about when we’re at the gym, on the treadmill, or in a zumba class. You see, most people think about work or personal issues and work out the aggression of the situation, or they think about…

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