This is the truth “Make no mistake about it, although these workshops, orientation sessions and “sensitivity training” include participants from all races and backgrounds, this elaborate attempt at reprogramming individuals was contrived primarily to recalibrate whites, and especially young whites.


Still Love This Commercial!

This just works for me on all levels!

Already Not Yet

London to Yangon – That’s 16 hours and a 40C swing in temperature. I think I’ll manage!

I will be teaching at two bible colleges, and speaking in two local churches. I would appreciate prayers, of course, especially for the family while I’m away. Many thanks!

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YouWell,these folks are all Roads Scholars right?r comments (optional)

The Tree of Mamre

According to the NY Daily News,

The White House recently announced that the Vice President would be attending campaign events in “Road Island.”

(H/t Dana Loesch)

Sorry, but there is no screenshot of the offending press release, though I do have one here where someone at the White House evidently thinks that he/she works at the “White Hosue”.

Seriously, everyone can make typos and spelling mistakes, but when they keep cropping up in the same office, it speaks of major problems that flow from the top down. Either the people working there are totally incompetent, or on crack.

You decide.

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