The GOP Has No Plan? The HOP Sure Does

The HOP; Hillbilly Ol’ Party has a plan to solve the financial woes we now find ourselves in as a nation, due in large part, if not all part, to the diaper loads in DC.

Fuel prices and debt: Yup, these two go hand in hand. We have so much natural gas and shale, we simply use it! Talk about the jobs that would be created that are both directly, and indirectly related to this would be out of control. Start with the drilling, refining, transporting, and selling of the products domestically. These folks need food, beverages, clothes, tools, ect. Home and auto fuel prices will drop, and folks that had to blow their budgets on these, once high-priced items, now have more money to spend. More money spent, equals more dollars to DC and more money in our pockets. These companies will have to be domestically owned, and no product will be allowed to be sold over seas until gas/natural gas is a $1.50 a gallon, Or however you measure natural gas.

I would also place a tax on all imported products, and on all foreign-owned companies inside our borders.

I would put a stop to all trade with Mexico until they secure their northern border. I would also “militarize the southern border indefinitely.
I have more, just ask!:)

Why does the GOP continue to use liberal forums for their debates? I see this as more proof that the ol’check-pant GOP’ers are in the same gang as the dems. Only Santorum appears to be a “free” candidate. And Rick has been the only guy to bitch slap the liberal talking heads. Still, I am not feeling very confident about the future for us conservative Christians!

Un-PC Thursday

Folks who know the Hilbilly realize how much I love being Un-PC, simply because it is nothing more than a ruse to keep people of different races,faiths, and sexual orientation,gender, brain power, and wealth fighting amongst each other, instead of keeping an eye on our elected officials and their criminal behavior.

So let me be the first to tap this keg and give you one of my favorite comedians: David Chappelle. This guy loves to address issues head on and always with laughter! If you are easily offended, you probably don’t read this blog anyways! 🙂

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