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Reincarnation: Becareful Of What You Wish For

My new buddy Lizziecracked got my hamster cage whirling with one of her post. I got to thinking that being reincarnated might not be such a good thing. Here are a few examples.

Coming back as a bicycle seat… who is sat upon by a nudist.

As a bed pan

A goat owned by a radical muslim

Ok, ya get the picture! Now add to thi


Ok, here is some decent hippie music.

Gas Prices Prove Obama To Be Truthful

One thing about Barry, the truth is in his words. He wants gas to be above 5 dollars, and he wants to fundamentally transform America, and does not want us to be single super-power in the world. Stupid son-ofa-bitch is getting his wishes, and Americans don’t seem to be able to stop him. If he gets reappointed, and you noticed I did not say re-elected, we are in for a frickin nightmare. What is it going to take for us to re-gain control of our lives?: Both financially and personally? A good start would be a for a giant sink hole to form in DC and flush all the crap(politicians) down the chute!

Pro- choice folks don’t understand that the baby in the womb is “not” part of a woman’s body; it is a seperate living little human that needs to be protected… IMHO

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