Here We Go Again: Kid “Bullied” In Ohio Starts Blasting

Yup, another student, one out of millions, decides to fire on fellow students due to supposed bullying. Keep in mind, 99.9% of students who are “bullied” handle it the right way and don’t turn to murder.

CHARDON, Ohio—A teenager described as a bullied outcast at his suburban Cleveland high school opened fire in the cafeteria Monday morning, killing one student and wounding four others before being caught a short distance away, authorities said.

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Because it is my blog and this whole small p president’s day thing pisses me off- I am going to repost this entry.

NO, Nixon, Carter and Obama DO NOT deserve the same praise and recognition as President Washington or President Lincoln. (Us old timers remember when these were two separate holidays- Washington’s Birthday and Lincoln’s Birthday!)

This is more new age BS- give everybody a trophy or ribbon for participation.

Kind of like how they give the Nobel Peace Prize now?

Never fails that when I start looking things up I learn something.

President’s Day or Washington’s Birthday

“Well, according to the federal government, the holiday observed on the third Monday in February is officially Washington’s Birthday. But many Americans believe that this holiday is now called “Presidents’ Day,” in honor of both Presidents Washington and Lincoln, whose birthdays are Feb. 22 and Feb. 12…

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Rat, libs have to change the conversation when they can’t debate, or win, on their ideas or beliefs! There ain’t no tax dollars involved with radio host.

Your comThing is, Bammy has nothing in common with the average folks of any race! Bammy has been handed everything, and guided by the invisible Marxist hand. And they have almost all been white.

I would be pissed that a politician would ask for my vote because of the color of my skin!ments (optional)

Melee Of The Morons: Shoes For Suckers

So we have people who are willing to brawl for the newest kicks, but not for anything of importance; fuel prices,national debt, forced health care?

Looks as though the liberal social engineers have just about attained their goal of completely dumbing down America.,0,4649622.story

The launch of an expensive new basketball shoe — timed to Orlando’s hosting of the NBA All-Star Game — triggered a melee Thursday night at Florida Mall that was quelled by deputies in riot gear.

The wild scene erupted about 9:45 p.m. as hundreds of people packed the mall’s parking lot, hoping to buy the new shoe at midnight. As the crowd grew, a large contingent of Orange County deputy sheriffs arrived, braced for problems.

Thanks to Jake for allowing me to re-blog this.


     With election year upon us, here in the United States, we must prepare ourselves for an abundance of ‘BS‘, ( I don’t have to spell it out for you)that is about to follow. Time after time we are asked to believe, that this candidate is different from the other one and will do a better job, ‘BS’. They will tell us that they are running for office solely to help the “common man” to get out from under the burdens that plague him, more ‘BS’. Sometimes we find the truth in the most unlikely of places, as was the case last week when the “TRUTH” stared back at me from a ‘Bumper Sticker‘  of all places…. I will edit it slightly for language, not content, but the facts are these..”Democrats and Republicans..Same sh*t different piles!” With that thought in mind, I give you the following, (written before I saw…

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Linda Vernon Humor

Well it’s re-run Friday again.  And I know if you’re anything like me, you don’t like to head into the weekend not knowing whether or not your body has been taken over by an alien.  So here are the signs:

You don’t get why you can’t order Panda at Panda Express.

You often sink into a depression over having just the one head.

Oh sure you’re a cat lover, but only because they drink their milk out of  s a u c e r s .

While everybody else is drinking Margaritas, you’re drinking Margarita.

“Wait . . where’s Margarita?”

When you introduce yourself to others, you feel compelled to add that you’re “just your typical human being.”

You can’t believe you went so long never realizing how superfluous pupils were.

When nobody’s looking you turn into a writhing platter of arroz con pollo.


You’re worried about…

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