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     With election year upon us, here in the United States, we must prepare ourselves for an abundance of ‘BS‘, ( I don’t have to spell it out for you)that is about to follow. Time after time we are asked to believe, that this candidate is different from the other one and will do a better job, ‘BS’. They will tell us that they are running for office solely to help the “common man” to get out from under the burdens that plague him, more ‘BS’. Sometimes we find the truth in the most unlikely of places, as was the case last week when the “TRUTH” stared back at me from a ‘Bumper Sticker‘  of all places…. I will edit it slightly for language, not content, but the facts are these..”Democrats and Republicans..Same sh*t different piles!” With that thought in mind, I give you the following, (written before I saw…

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