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Because it is my blog and this whole small p president’s day thing pisses me off- I am going to repost this entry.

NO, Nixon, Carter and Obama DO NOT deserve the same praise and recognition as President Washington or President Lincoln. (Us old timers remember when these were two separate holidays- Washington’s Birthday and Lincoln’s Birthday!)

This is more new age BS- give everybody a trophy or ribbon for participation.

Kind of like how they give the Nobel Peace Prize now?

Never fails that when I start looking things up I learn something.

President’s Day or Washington’s Birthday

“Well, according to the federal government, the holiday observed on the third Monday in February is officially Washington’s Birthday. But many Americans believe that this holiday is now called “Presidents’ Day,” in honor of both Presidents Washington and Lincoln, whose birthdays are Feb. 22 and Feb. 12…

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  1. Carl D'Agostino
    Feb 27, 2012 @ 13:50:04

    Just another free day to bar-b-q and get drunk. What saddens me is that Miami is such an overwhelmingly immigrant population there is no appreciation for or understanding of Veterans’ Day, Memorial Day or even the 4th of July. Just more free days to bar-b-q and get drunk.


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