Partial List Of Most Overated People,Places, And Things

These appear in no particular order of importance!

The Beatles and Bob Dylan: Sappy hippies who could play a few instruments and sting a few rhymes together.

FDR and JFK: A couple of 1percenters who never worked an honest job. One could not walk, the other could not duck and cover.

The Super Bowl: Fun to watch but not in February. Remember, it is still just a kid’s game.

M.A.S.H.: The tv show was rarely factual, and the movie was even worse.

Richard Pryor: Thought using gutter language was funny. Catching his face on fire, now that is funny!

I just did a post on this very subject Rat. It is either a baby at the second of conception, or it is not. If it is, then folks who support abortion have to support it at anytime during a person’s life. I base my beliefs on the Word of God, others base theirs on nothing more than emotion.
I will stick with God.


United (States) Parcel Service.
United (States) Parcel Service. (Photo credit: matt.hintsa)

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Big Dog Little Dog…We Love Them All

I actually have a mastiff named Dude who is similiar to Maggie. He is truly a gentle giant. I just stumbled upon this video. Kinda funny how animals get along with each other no matter what their differances are!

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