Nice Dog Stupid News Anchor

Don’t blame Max, blame the lady. I have seen this happen before. It is stupid to put your face in a dogs face.

The letter writer responded to Rat’s thread!
Hi, Rich Latta here. I must say I’ve found it quite entertaining that this little letter I dashed off has blown up so much in the radical right-wing blogosphere. I don’t think you people realize how bad you look and how much you discredit yourselves by spewing this vitriol. Anyone with half a brain can see I never claimed to represent OWS nor did I actually call for violence. I merely stated that we may one day have a real revolution on our hands if our government doesn’t quit catering to the super rich. The saddest part of all this is that the vast majority of right-wingers are getting screwed over as much as everyone else is, yet they dutifully tow the right-wing “party” line (Republican or otherwise), apparently oblivious to the truth. I’ll hand it to you guys though. Your powers of denial are profound.

Rich Latta

27 February 2012 at 8pm Oh my, I’ve received an unexpected gift, folks.

So Rich, it sounds like you had second thoughts about the “little letter” you “dashed” (lol) “off” to USA, huh? I love how leftists refer to conservatives as the “radical right-wing.” Radical, Rich? Seriously? Can you share with us ANYONE you consider to be a radical left-winger? Just one? Surely, if you’re anywhere near the center, you should be able to identify the extremes on both sides, right?

Funny – I don’t remember Tea Party members (teabaggers to you) throwing bricks and bags of urine at the police, do you? Hell – I can’t recall any violence – let alone drug overdoses or rapes at Tea Party events. Yep, it’s the conservatives who are radical, Rich.

And that “clear message,” Rich? Um – perhaps less vandalism, rape and drug use at your events would have helped to clear up that message. Or maybe had you avoided defiling churches that were gracious enough to provide your fellow vandals with somewhere to sleep. Actually, there’s quite a bit of stupid crap that you clowns could have cut out if you had really wanted to be taken seriously. But hey, I understand: Bitterness and envy are strong emotions to overcome, Rich.

Here’s the dirty little secret that you and I both know, Rich: When we leave bitter liberals to their own devices, ultimately they show us exactly who they are. That’s why the OWS movement became such a laughingstock, Rich.

Due to the fact that you’re now running all over the internet bashing blogs that accurately portrayed the correct opinion of USA Today AND your ridiculous letter, it sounds like your fellow Occupy fanatics have jumped all over your ass, Rich. Too bad.

Oh, and that naive “real revolution” nonsense, Rich? That’s what the radicals of the 70′s said too, and guess what? Not so much.

Anyway, I understand your buyer’s remorse as it relates to waking up the morning after you “dashed off” your naive letter to USA Today – although I gotta be honest; watching you frantically scurrying around trying to put the toothpaste back in the tube is quite amusing.

I don’t know much about “powers of denial,” Rich, but I do recognize the power of delusion when I see it.

Thanks for playing Rich, I must dash off now.

The Rat

28 February 2012 at 7am

Liberals’ View On Infanticide: Safe, Accessible And Rare

This is what happens when people place themselves above God. The issue is not that a woman can do with her body as she pleases; something I agree with. Instead, that the body that is inside her body, can’t be murdered. The child in the womb has no way of providing self-protection. They also have no control over how they are conceived. So why give them a death sentence just because the woman, or man, perceives them to be an inconvenience? Stretch this out to its logical conclusion, and you get the euthanization of the old and weak.

I agree, the federal government does not have the right to probe and prod anybody’s body. So here is the skinny: Make abortion/infanticide a felony murder charge, and prosecute those involved.

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