This Paper Tiger Never Had A Bite

There is no denying that Tiger woods is one of the best golfers of all time, though only on the course. Outside of the ropes, he has always been less than average. His entire, fabricated, family man facade was blown up with wife’s 9 iron, a wrecked truck, all of the porn gals popping up.

He has attempted to repair his image, but the real Tiger has not changed his stripes. It is too bad, he will never attain his goal of being the greatest golfer ever, because a person must have the same qualities off the course, as they do on it: Honest,polite, and respectful. Something Tiger is not. Here is his recent interview with Alex Miceli. Shows you all that you needed to know about the Paper Tiger.

The news conference at PGA National turned awkward when Alex Miceli, a Golfweek senior writer and contributor to Golf Channel, asked Woods if he considered being a Navy SEAL at the height of his career.

“I’ve already talked about everything in the book. I’ve already commented on everything, Alex,” Woods said.

“Then I must have missed you answering that question,” Miceli replied.

“Well, I’ve already commented on the book. Is that in the book? Is it in the book?” Woods said.

Miceli replied he had not seen the book.

“You’re a beauty, you know that?” Woods said, forcing a smile.

Miceli said Steinberg’s statement suggested something was wrong with the excerpt and he wanted to know if it was true. Woods paused for a moment, said with indifference, “I don’t know,” then stared at him for nearly five seconds and said, “Have a good day.”

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