Flash Back Friday: The 80’s

Yes the 80’s. The Hillbilly lived the mullet high life. Billy Ray Cyrus had nothing on mine. Some of the coolest bands at the time were quite un-Hillbyesque though!

Here is a rough translation. Russian agents make and impossible to be aspiring to the secrets of the famous English writer

Real you are the voyages in time? This question continues to everybody not only lovers of astrology, but many scientists with the globally known names. Here you you about a secret from the endless mosaic of knowledge.
Of all the known name of British writer Sir H. G. Wells, which several times visited Russia. His visit in 1920 caused huge interest among the leadership of the VČK, and in particular at čekista-Mystic Gleb Bokij, considered at that time widely educated person, excellent orientiraŝ in the excellence of the art, a brilliant mathematician and generator of many fantastic ideas, including a rather bleak from today’s point of view (for example, the establishment of the system of GULAG camps).

A Rat,A Hillbilly And A Cowboy…….

No, it is not an intro for a joke, though it could be. It is something that I call “Blogworking.” Sorta like networking, but a term for us bloggers who stumble into a new blog site that gets us all juiced like a good 30 pack of Keystone, and then we invite our other new buddies over to sit and tip a few.

I have been a follower, and fan of the Rat is Right blog for some time now. I just recently sat my beer down, stopped, the Hillbilly limo (truck), and went in and checked out the Cowboypress’ blog. Excellent move on my part. Know I see that the Cowboy and The Rat are popin’ tops on the frosties! I have found other Hillbilly friends at various sites.

So the bottom line is that blogging brings folks together, whether we are of like mind or not. With a country being run by dividers, it is more important now, than ever, to take the time and meet, and speak to folks, because many of us might have some differing views on subjects, but we have to remember to set those things aside and remember we can all be pals. Rats,Hillbillies, Cowboy’s, and Rebels, and even liberals:)

Euthanasia, and Terri Schiavo’s Murder From Catholic Glasses’ Blog

Euthanasia turns the doctor/patient relationship into an executioner/victim relationship. ~ EWTN program on Terri Schiavo. Sadly, I agree. Terri Schiavo changed her hair color, and her husband attacked her for it. What a guy! I saved all the Schindler Family’s proof, from their website, in 2005. A neurosurgeon said Terri Schiavo’s Brain CT Scan was normal upon admittance to the hospital. After being there for 60 Days, a second Brain CT Scan indicated that it look like she’d been hit in the head with a …

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