Euthanasia, and Terri Schiavo’s Murder From Catholic Glasses’ Blog
Euthanasia turns the doctor/patient relationship into an executioner/victim relationship. ~ EWTN program on Terri Schiavo. Sadly, I agree. Terri Schiavo changed her hair color, and her husband attacked her for it. What a guy! I saved all the Schindler Family’s proof, from their website, in 2005. A neurosurgeon said Terri Schiavo’s Brain CT Scan was normal upon admittance to the hospital. After being there for 60 Days, a second Brain CT Scan indicated that it look like she’d been hit in the head with a …

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  1. Amberr Meadows
    Mar 09, 2012 @ 13:18:46

    I believe she might have been okay had her husband not beat the shit out of her. I’d like to see him starved to death,too. Lethal injection would have been far more humane if she’d been brain-dead.


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