Morning Ratman. This is a sore subject with me and I hold both parties responsible. I am sure you have read my post detailing how I could solve this mess in less than two years, and if pushed, I would say in 6-10 months. By executive order, I would not allow one drop of domestic fuels, in any form, leave our borders till the price reaches $1.50 or less. If the companies who are currently pumping the fuels refuse, I stop all their production, and allow private, American companies: and many would be new ones, to step in and do it. Their would be huge tax breaks for them as incentives. Once the prices reach $1.50, they would be allowed to sell the products on the world market, as long as the $1.50 price is maintained.

I don’t care what the flippin liberals, our anyone else says, it would work. They want to call it a government take over? F- you, call it what you will. We are the country that asked industries to help us fight WWII and they did. We kicked the MoFo NAzis,Japs, and Italy’s ass and we can’t frigging fix this problem? B.S.

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  1. Carl D'Agostino
    Mar 14, 2012 @ 11:37:53

    I have a plan to put 30 million Americans to work in a year’s time. “If you sell it here, it has to be made here.” This would allow foreign owned companies to have factories here and to invest but the work gets done here.


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