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We Must Invent A New World


R.E. Prindle

      Matthieu Pigasse the CEO of Lazard Financial Advisory of France has opened a sideline in the field of Communist propaganda.  Eschewing the usual ‘progressive’ claptrap he presents what purports to be an intellectual manifesto.      In some perverted travesty of the Communist Manifesto he begins his with the stirring call:  Today, all of Europe is living in doubt.  Certainly dramatic but I can assure him that no one in Europe is living in doubt.   The Jews and Moslems have no doubts about their agenda, they know where they are headed as well as their Liberal sychophants which would include I should think our M. Pigasse himself.  The Conservatives have no doubts nor do the African hordes for whom Nicky Sarkozy wants to pass a law requiring Aryan women to bear their children thereby achieving equality and an end to ‘racism.’  As a…

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New Order: Music Break Per The Hillbilly

Operation Mockingbird

The former director of the CIA drowned shortly after making a comment about owning certain media folks. Take a listen to this stuff!!!!

Bammy Boy And Higher Fuel Prices

Here is the chum in chief himself! Is there a teleprompter near?

Asking for ID is now considered racist? We are living in Crazyville. And let some group try to intimadate The Hillbilly and the Hillbilly Nation! I still find it interesting that the NAACP still uses Colored People in their title. I think I will start the National Organization For The Advancement of Non Colored People.mments (optional)

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