Watchin’ NASCAR And Drinkin’ Beer

OK, I am dun bloggin’ fer the evening. So here is one of my favorite comedians: Bubba J!

Carlakia’s blog has some of the most amazing photos on it!
Bing translation of post:

In the absence of water, many earths have been turned into deserts! But many deserts where water could be turned into fertile earths! Water is life that move. If you want to become a roditor Earth, let water flow, life always. Will not know what trees concerned will grow, bloom and the birds rodi, nor will sing on their branches.

For The Short Temper Folks

This bird Pesto is a classic when it comes to blowing ones stack!

Uncyclopedia: How To Be A Liberal

I just happened to stumble across this site. ENJOY!

WARNING at least 10-12 % of what is written in this article is considered to be false. If you’re allergic to the truth (if you’re an American Liberal in other words) and are also allergic to Wikipedia-style citations and references with links to the awful truth, DO NOT READ THIS ARTICLE! Uncyclopedia and the authors of this article cannot be held responsible for any damage, injury or liberal sissy fits and anal bleeding this article may cause. Classic Liberals and Liberals outside of the USA may not understand this or get all of the jokes, American Liberals are Neo-Liberals who practice Liberal Fascism [1] aka Communism and only pretend to be real Liberals.

This is an ever changing guide to how to be a liberal. It is often deleted by liberals and recreated at least twice a month, please see censorship for the reason why. Never the same page twice. Many have asked the question of just how does one become a liberal? This how-to guide will show you how.

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To trolls, this one is for you mrcantstopmebro,  who are falling for trial by media, you are not being allowed to comment…since you are too stupid to read reports, listen to police dispatch ect…John, no one said this man, Martin had to die. It is a tragety, for him and the parents who lost control of him. And for the lynching of Zimmerman by the radical left and NOI and NBP, the OLD FAILED MEDIA and folks like you who fall for the ‘trial by media’, not sure what this part of your comment meant “you want to be atretwise mother fucker than be prepa” but like the others, your url and info have been forwarded to law enforcement. Your email wasn’t just off, so were your comments “John commented on Was Trayvon Martin a Drug Dealer?

Sorry my email ewes off by letter now post…

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Sounds like Zimmerman has the right to shoot and kill any member of the Black Panthers since they are the one who placed the bountry on him.

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