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To trolls, this one is for you mrcantstopmebro,  who are falling for trial by media, you are not being allowed to comment…since you are too stupid to read reports, listen to police dispatch ect…John, no one said this man, Martin had to die. It is a tragety, for him and the parents who lost control of him. And for the lynching of Zimmerman by the radical left and NOI and NBP, the OLD FAILED MEDIA and folks like you who fall for the ‘trial by media’, not sure what this part of your comment meant “you want to be atretwise mother fucker than be prepa” but like the others, your url and info have been forwarded to law enforcement. Your email wasn’t just off, so were your comments “John commented on Was Trayvon Martin a Drug Dealer?

Sorry my email ewes off by letter now post…

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  1. Carl D'Agostino
    Mar 27, 2012 @ 12:31:07

    This one’s close. I taught at Carol City High years ago where he went before going to Kropp and and his home Miami Gardens is maybe 8 miles west of where I live. I think anything about who or what he was is irrelevant and most Black kids in that hood have the gold, phone, tattoos and clothing. Would be considered thug elsewhere but normal here. My main concern is that Al and Jesse are fueling this into a race thing re racial profiling. We all racial profile in some way in our minds but it is unlawful when law authorities do this to affirm probable cause and arrest, not individuals. They say this is a societal curse but it is not society if it involves one individual in one incident. It is esp a passionate matter because police shot and killed 7 Black males in separate incidents last year here which are generally agreed unnecessary. No external investigation and police all back on duty all swept away. I would be very angry about that. If the shooter is exonerated-look out! One other thing-no Miami crime watch group or individual is allowed to carry a weapon in Miami Dade.


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