Wat Up My Wigga?

Baby George Maudlin?

This site is too funny!

Barack Hussein Obama has just announced that he will support the creation of the Wigger National Guard, a new branch of the National Guard. “Wiggers have long been left out of participating in our armed forces, of protecting our rights and our freedoms. We have for too long overlooked the benefits the skillz of fly wiggers could bring to patroling our skies and providing air support for the Army and Air Force” stated Obama to the press. “Who knows, maybe if we had wiggers flying the skies when Katrina decided to attack New Orleans, it would never have hit N.O. due to the shear fear wiggers strike into the heart of the enemy. They would have scared Katrina away.”

“Wiggers got fly skillz.”
Wiggers strike fear into the heart of the enemy. We could use them

Hand me a beer and tell me what you think

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