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Fatal Shooting At Christian College

Who is the shooter and why did he target this college?

A gunman opened fire at a private Christian college in Oakland, California, on Monday, killing at least two people and wounding at least four, authorities said.

Oakland police said in a brief written statement that a possible suspect was in custody after the shootings at Oikos University.

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…and, Utopian race-mixers would have an apoplectic fit upon seeing this beautiful race of people seen in the video below.

Note: The audio ceases during the last 30 seconds at 4:28

ONE People, ONE Culture, ONE Race, ONE Nation, ONE Language United in Song

“Germany now has a Turkish Party representing the millions of Turks who have flooded into the country. These Turks will be joined by a vast army of their compatriots if the traitors in the European Commission get their way and Turkey (and Asian land) joins the EUROPEAN Union. In Spain, vast numbers of sub-Saharan Africans are taking up housing, and crippling vital services, yet those who state that it is wrong for our own to be treated as second class citizens in our own lands, are shrieked at as bigots. In France, there is a crackdown on pro-French groups who dare to speak…

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I wonder how grateful all of the murdered, innocent babies feel?

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While some of the groups to whom Barack Obama panders are generally harmless enough – Hispanics, blacks, Muslims, gays and lesbians among them- more than a few are not. Recently, his “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon” comment – coupled with his subsequent silence on the escalating violence within the black community – only served to exacerbate an already volatile situation.

His unwavering support of Planned Parenthood – the nation’s largest provider of abortions – is worse.

In a video message to Planned Parenthood released last week, O pledged that “as long as he is president,” he will “never stop fighting” for the organization, which received $487.4 million in taxpayer dollars in 2010 and performed 329,445 abortions, according to its annual report. The “grateful” Obama said:

 “Through it all, you never forgot who…

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