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Meet Dick and Arlene.

 They have been married for 60 years. Yes. 60 years.

I was at an event recently and someone announced that a couple in attendance have been married 15 years. The cheers! The cheers!

I was thinking, 15 years? We cheer for 15 years? I remember when we cheered for 40 years, when there were vow renewals and big parties for 50-year anniversaries like the one I threw for my parents. As one of my friends said, her parents were married for nearly 50 years but she is sure they didn’t speak to each other off and on for at least ten of those years. It was just a time where people Worked Things Out, recognized that spouses are human, and always, there seemed to be this Friendship thing going on. Because if you live long enough, you already know that all that other stuff in relationships…

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Kathleen Sebelius is Shemp Howard


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