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 steenkamp Mrs Christelle 43 murdered with husband daughter Naauwhoek farm Griekwastad April72012  Steenkamp Marthella 14 vermoord op Griekwastad boerderij met ouders April6 2012  Yet, ANOTHER family of 3 more farm murders to add to the list of 3,174 killings since 1994, and from which the world’s MSM (mainstream media) never seem to take an interest in reporting. Scroll to the bottom of this page to view another White South African farm family who were also slaughtered on their family farm. The killings of innocent White citizens by murdering Black racists is a regular pattern in this black-ruled country. And still, the world remains conspicuously silent! 

A Northern Cape farmer, and his wife and daughter were brutally murdered on their farm near Griekwastad on Good Friday.

Police are investigating the TRIPLE murder after the bodies of Deon Steenkamp 44 yrs. old, his wife Christelle43 yrs. old, and their teenage daughter Marthella 14 yrs. old were all found at Naauwhoek Farm at around 18:00 on Easter Friday. The murder victims had…

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Tebow Bad? Bubba Good? God Is Great!

While on the golf course yesterday, I had a pretty good conversation with my co-worker/friend about how Bubba Watson has not come under media fire for his strong Christian beliefs. Yup, Bubba gave thanks to God for allowing him to have the skills to win the 2012 Masters golf tourney. Bubba has always credit to God for all of his blessings, and not a peep from the godless group in the media, or the fans of the sport. Yet, Tebow is attacked by those who don’t believe. Tim has lived his faith, like Bubba. Tim has never attacked any person or group, like Bubba. Yet, he is demonized by many in the media and other thick-headed, human atheist turds.
Most Christians understand that non-believers dislike the Christian faith because it exposes their deviant life styles. What they don’t understand, is that we all have sin in our nature, but God gives us a chance at redemption. Something the godless community does not give a rip about.
Anyway, back to Tebow and Bubba. Tebow plays a sport that needs its bad boy image. Forget about the fact that each team has players that are part of a prayer group, and who gather with their opponents after each game to give thanks to God for all their blessings. With golf, the bad boy image is not tolerated, nor is it promoted. Many in the media consider the vast majority of golfers as products of the rich and spoiled. Again, a false image of the vast majority of PGA, and Nationwide Tour players. Honesty, integrity, and being a good person is required to be on these tours. Something that is not always required in the NFL.
Bottom line, there a hundreds of guys like Tebow in the NFL. Always have been and always will be. Thing is, they don’t fit the disrespectful, in your face, this is my house, who cares about your criminal life style image that is the NFL. Bubba, does fit the image of the PGA.
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The Morally Questionable

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