Friday: Day 8 Of Spring Break

The only thing that moves faster than a vacation day, is a bad fish burrito through my boiler! As you may have figured, my Thursday was pretty much scuttled by the tragic event in my Hillbilly-hood that locked down traffic, and the on again, off again rains.

So the plan of attack today is to gas up the truck,throw the sticks in the bed, and head for the driving range. I will have to plan this like the D-Day invasion though: there is a small window of opportunity due to the fact that thunder/rain storms are passing through. I think that for every day of bad weather during vacation, my employer should credit me with a replacement day! Right, fat chance of that happening. If I get rained out from the golf range, I can always fall back on my plan B: Happy hour at Marcella’s,Happy hour at Shooter’s, and Happy hour at Applebees’. Wait, that is only 3-hours:)

I would also like to say hello to a new friend of mine: 68ghia. All the way from the beautiful country of RSA. The blog is I also did some blog surfing, and found some blogs with tremendous pics of the country. No wonder my favorite golfer is from South Africa!

John D. Heaton III

Photos Yesterday’s Tragic Events: The Murder Of Deputy Sheriff And The Locksmith

I found this on YouTube.

Rat, this little byatch of a president knows the fix is in for the next election, and he knows he will probably be the winning puppet. So he has no fear when he speaks. No concerns of blatant lies and no worries about naked hypocrisy. We are screwed as a nation. Can Romney win? Sure, but he is just a slower moving, version of Barry. I will say that Mitt might not fully understand that he is part of a bigger mechanism. I also think Mitt is a better human being than Barry. Mitt has a solid family, and he lives his faith.

Kayak Fishing Boat

Ok, this Hillbilly needs to find a spare $1,500. I need this for my summer fishing! The Hillbilly word of the day is: FISHABILITY

Slain deputy: ‘Compassionate’ 16-year veteran of force loved job – Breaking News –

Slain deputy: 'Compassionate' 16-year veteran of force loved job – Breaking News –

Deputy Robert “Bob” Paris volunteered to work for the sheriff’s civil division, which included serving eviction notices throughout Stanislaus County. A dangerous but necessary job.

“He loved it,” said Stanislaus County Sheriff Adam Christianson. “He put in for it. He was chosen.”

For nearly 16 years, the sheriff said Paris served the department with dedication, working several jobs from patrol deputy to the sheriff’s water enforcement team. His life ended Thursday at age 53 after he was gunned down while serving an eviction notice at a north Modesto apartment.

Law Enforcement To Enter Modesto Apartment – Sacramento News Story – KCRA Sacramento

Law Enforcement To Enter Modesto Apartment – Sacramento News Story – KCRA Sacramento.

MODESTO, Calif. (KCRA) — Flames erupted just after 10:15 p.m. Thursday from a home police had surrounded for nearly 12 hours in a standoff.

Investigators were seeking a suspect involved in the deadly shooting of two people, including a deputy in Modesto.

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