Bill Dance Fishin Bloopers

This guy is the all time best fishing show host.

Bill Dance Bass Fishin’ For A Mule

Dream Time

While I might never own a rig like this, it is sure fun to dream.

“Free-billy” Time Is Priceless

YES! 25 work days left for till the “hillbilly Summer Fest 12” begins. The “12” does not represent the year, but rather the amount of summers I will have had off since starting my current job. If you figure in all of my college summer tours, and the K-12 mini tours, I would be on my 35th tour. Geez, and I am not even 50 yet. I have been touring almost half as long as the Rolling Bones….I mean Stones.

I have always understood that working solely for the dollars ain’t worth it. Too often, the hefty paychecks come at too high of a price: Little to no free time. Yeah, I get it, some folks like to have all the toys, and make a lot of noise telling you about them. But give me my fishin pole,golf clubs, and even a couple of hours a day at the gym, and I can fill up an entire summer with a whole lotta fun. While my working hours are worth a decent hourly wage, my “Free-billy” time is priceless.

My father owned his own business for quite a long time and he was very successful. Thing is, he hardly ever took more than a week off during a 25 year span. Once, he took me and my sis, and mom and a 4 week vacation in the r.v. Do the math: 25 years. 52 weeks in a year. Yuk, I don’t even want to finish this! He always told me to get the college degree. He knew that I was not built for the 25 year plus grind he endured. Dad never retired, he just went out of the house “feet first.” Feet first is the way to go out, but I plan to have my feet pass through the door of my camper.

So here is to all the folks who work hard all year. God bless ya. As these years turn in to decades, and ya finally are able to reach the “Free-billy-time zone” I hope you have the health and energy to enjoy it as much as I have through out the years; 10 weeks at a time. 3-weeks at Christmas, and two at Easter.
Man! Beer is good and God is great!

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