Chairman Priebus: “Will Obama Apologize to Women for His Failures?”
Chairman Priebus: “Will Obama Apologize to Women for His Failures?”

Excerpts from Townhall

By: Reince Priebus

April 27, 2012

“Today, President Obama will speak at a Women’s Issues Conference organized by his campaign in Washington, DC. Hopefully he will take the time to apologize to the women in attendance.

“Despite Democrats’ talk of standing for women, the Obama economy has been especially unforgiving for women across the country.

“Recently, RNC Co-Chair Sharon Day summed it up nicely:

“‘At kitchen tables and in the job market, it’s clear that women are suffering. Gas, groceries, and healthcare are more expensive. Wives and mothers struggle to make ends meet and fear for their children’s futures. Businesswomen wonder what regulations and taxes Obama will force on them next’…

“Try as he might, President Obama cannot hide the facts.

“There are fewer women working today than when President Obama took office.

* Since his inauguration, the unemployment rate for women has increased from 7 percent to 8.1 percent.
* The number of female employees has decreased by 683,000.

“The job market is so bad, women are giving up looking for jobs altogether.

* The female labor force participation rate fell in March from 57.9 percent to 57.7 percent.
* The number of women not in the labor force increased in March from 52.8 million to 53.1 million.
* While male participation increased by 14,000, female participation fell by 177,000…

“Republicans are committed to delivering that better America. The Democrats’ agenda isn’t working for women. Their vision has produced big government and limited opportunity. Our vision is for limited government and opportunity for all…”

“Women deserve better than what President Obama has delivered. And they certainly deserve a president that is honest with them about the challenges they face.”

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Jackpot! Taxpayers footing the bill in CA for welfare recipient’s casino junkets

Ralph Alter blogs at Right on Target http://www.rightot.blogspotcom

Jackpot! Taxpayers footing the bill in CA for
welfare recipient’s casino junkets

It’s not hard to figure out why California funds 32% of all the welfare cases in America. California’s Social Services Department has the fewest restrictions for welfare applicants in the nation and pays the highest benefits. You need not even be a U.S. citizen to get on the dole in La-La-Land:

That’s why California officials, extremely generous with tax dollars in the past, are trying to find a way to eliminate welfare payments to tens of thousands of illegal immigrants. The move, which has caused outrage among the state’s powerful open borders lobby, would save a much needed $640 million a year.

An example of who the state cuts the monthly checks to is an unemployed 43-year old illegal immigrant from Mexico who gets $650 a month for each of her four children and about $500 in federal food stamps and other vouchers.

Somehow all this makes sense in Bizarro-Beach-Blanket Bingo-World. Now we find that those crafty Californians have even made it possible for welfare recipients to access their benefits directly from ATMs in cash from more than half the casinos in the state:

The casinos are listed on a Department of Social Services website that allows welfare recipients to search for addresses of ATMs where they can withdraw cash provided under the Temporary Aid for Needy Families program. The monthly grant ranges up to $694; most of the ATMs impose a withdrawal limit of $300 per day….The cash benefits…can be withdrawn and spent just about anywhere.

Each year California gets $3.7 billion from the federal government for (the Needy Families) program, while state and local governments kick in an additional $2.9 billion.

Obviously the bankrupt state of California can’t afford to continue to pay for this absurdity. You know it will be left to us in flyover country to keep funding the gambling and crackpot thinking habits of the Sunshine Welfare state.

Of course it’s not only the illegal aliens on welfare who are funding their casino junkets through the California Department of Social Services. But you still have to wonder: How do you say “Hit me” in Spanish?

Ralph Alter blogs at Right on Target http://www.rightot.blogspotcom

Racist Propaganda At Our Door Steps

So what would people say if they had a weekly news paper delivered to them,without their consent, and the title of the rag is Life In The Valley: Caucasians Protecting The Valley?

All of the writers are white, male Christians, anti-abortion, staunchly supports deportation of all illegal aliens, and supports zero access to any social programs to the illegal aliens. Sounds good to me!
But now back to the “real” story. Once a week a piece of crap paper is found in my driveway, like a big clump of re-fried crap. The name of it is Vida en el valle: LATINOS PROTECTING LA TIERRA. First question is “who is being protected” and secondly “from what?” Of course, both questions have simple answers: Illegal aliens, and their broods, being protected from federal laws. I am sure the typical white self loathing pukes eat this dung up by the buckets. Why other states like Arizona, are dealing with this criminal element by correctly using the law. Something many folks choose not to follow.

So one of my task today will be to locate Vida’s local office, and walk in and let them know I do not want this anti-American tripe delivered to my house. As a note, the publishers have their right to produce this junk, but they do not have a right to deliver it to those who do not want it.

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