Bucket List: How About Fun List?

I follow a blog by Leslie Carter that deals with her, and others “Bucket List.” This got me thinkin’ about why do so many folks want to experience such extreme life experiences before the go to the wrong side of the dirt?

Seeing that I am not such of an extreme dude, here are a few of mine. I want to camp on the Colorado river in Arizona for two weeks. I know of a few really swell fishing holes I found years back while on vacation at my grandparent’s vacation home.

I want to travel the USA in my truck, and camper( which I do not own yet!) and visit as many public golf courses and watering holes as I can.

I want to hit golf balls into the Grand Canyon! I have done this activity in the foothills of Central Cali, where I live.

OK, I better stop now because I am sure everybody’s heart is a poundin’ out of their chest just reading this!

The Comback Begins: 105,132,178,144

Yup, those are my bowling scores from my first four games in over 15 years. I used to carry a 170 average. Even took a few bowling…aka screw off classes in college. I have myself into two different leagues for the summer. Since I am off every summer, I figured I would throw in some bowling to go along with the golf and weight lifting. If you take a gander, two out of my three activities are beer user-friendly:)

Over the next few weeks, I am going to see if I can’t re-capture the old form. I figure if George Foreman could do it, why not me? Thing is, I doubt if I am going to make millions off of this deal. I guess my reward is fun and memories, and that is much more important than money.


From Russia with No Love

ByAndie Brownlow

A misguided ideology has taken root in America and has brought this nation to the brink of collapse. A battle of two ideals has ensued, both of which have a significant impact on our national security and ultimate fate of the nation. Can America return to conservative values and save itself from the jaws of Marxism, or will it spiral down a path of self destruction guided by none other than the former Soviet Union?
It can be argued that the destabilization of our culture and economy, magnified by policies of the Obama Administration, conform to KGB plans for the collapse of the United States. The only question remains: Is Obama masterminding the current events for economic collapse, or is he just the hapless puppet holding the hot potato? 
Yuri Bezmenov, aka Tomas Schuman, was a Soviet journalist and propaganda specialist for…

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