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Bobby Bare: Drop Kick Me Jesus

Only country and western can do a gospel song like this!

“Remember the values that made us great. We are a land of tremendous resources and wonderful people. We are a Christian nation. We are a moral nation. We are a free nation. We do not need government to save us, we need only to save ourselves, to commit fully to the rich legacy that is ours, and stand on the foundation of truth.” I love this quote!

Cowboy Press

Thank You!

Sorry I haven’t posted  in a while.  I have read up on your blogs and I have to say that you all truly give me hope.  Here we are, forty plus years into an effort to redefine America, and here you all are fighting tooth and nail for this great nation of ours.  You are all awesome, and it gives me tremendous hope for our future.  Things can look pretty bleak at times, but America is alive in her people.  That ideal, even with the public schools, media, and colleges trying to trash it, even with the federal government taking away holidays and telling everyone how sorry we are, remains very much alive.  Our past IS our hope for the future.  There is nothing revolutionary in having government cram their ideals down everyone’s throats.  The real revolution was what took place in 1776, and what remains alive in…

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He Hath Said

Rejoice not against me, O mine enemy: when I fall, I shall arise; when I sit in darkness, the Lord shall be a light unto me. -Micah 7:8

This may express the feelings of a man or woman downtrodden and oppressed. Our enemy may put out our light for a season. There is sure hope for us in the Lord; and if we are trusting in Him and holding fast our integrity, our season of downcasting and darkness will soon be over. The insults of the foe are only for a moment. The Lord will soon turn their laughter into lamentation and our sighing into singing.

What if the great enemy of souls should for a while triumph over us, as he has triumphed over better men than we are; yet let us take heart, for we shall overcome him before long. We shall rise from our fall, for our…

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The Neosecularist

Black on white crime happens!  Liberals deny it, flip their finger to it, don’t care about it.  Liberals, and even black liberals continuously overlook, reject and excuse black on white crime, and they certainly would not characterize black on white crime as being anything remotely the equivalent of a “hate crime”.  This garbage from liberals has either got to stop, or, so long as liberals ignore black on white crime, they need to be publicly challenged and we need to demand more accountability from them.  Are we up to the task?

Marian Wright Edelman, S.S. blogger for the Arianna Nation (HuffPost) spewing her venomous liberal, racist, anti-white hate mourns the increase of “hate” crime and “hate” crime groups in America, providing several examples – all of which are whites portrayed as the “hate” filled criminals.  None of which, however, reflects the growing trend of black on white “hate” crime. …

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