Chappin’ My Hide!

Ok, Rantbilly in the barn! Why does vending machine dude put a diet Pepsi in the Diet Cherry Pepsi slot? Why does gas station guy not put soap in the window wash water? Why does piglet guy pee on the staff’s bathroom toilet seat? Why do the new style quarters not work in most vending machines? Why do public libraries smell like sweating bums?

OK, I am better now!

The Big 20…0!

I don’t even feel like a day, or follower, over 199! Thanks to my 200 follwer Janet for pointing out the fact I just reached this mark. I can’t imagine anyone other than my dogs, and cats, and a few other beer guzzling, finger pulling, catfishing friends reading anything I write.

I know I ain’t the greatest writer in the trailerhood, but I have to have a tap to open and let the voices out. So thanks to all who follow, and I do try to get around and visit all of your sites. Most times, I get wrapped up reading so much on a few blogs, I find that I only vist a couple each day. But hey, I have all summer off to catch up….well, in between beer benders, and golf. 🙂

God Bless

John David Heaton III

Fat Cat Dies

No, settle down, no idiot fat cat politician bought the farm…tooo bad! But rather, Meow the cat. 39 pounds of fur and purr!
The extra pounds that propelled Meow the shelter cat to national celebrity have killed him.

The 5-year-old, 39-pound cat died Saturday of respiratory complications related to his girth, Santa Fe Animal Shelter executive director Mary Martin said Monday.

The huge but personable feline became the subject of nationwide fame last month after appearing with Anderson Cooper and on the “Today” show — where Meow met actor Hugh Grant — as part of a media blitz to warn pet owners of the dangers of pet obesity.

“About” How Scary Is This

I somehow ended up on “about” dot com. And the page was all about the process of getting your hands on Bamster’s “stimulus” package Yuk, pretty disgusting wording! Read theses words and I dare you not be scared. “Touching every American’s lives in someway?!

Obama’s Economic Stimulus Plan
The 2009 economic stimulus bill – The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act – represents the largest single government spending bill in our nation’s history. The bill’s $787 billion in spending and tax cuts is intended to stimulate the economy by getting Americans working and spending again. Virtually every family or individual in America will be touched in some way by this massive stimulus bill.

I never have cared for the term “war oon terror” It is a Muslim Crusaade against non-Muslims.

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