Short Little Rebel

Socialists & Communists:  Then & Now.  Enjoy the Show..

Remember when everyone gasped at accusations that Obama was a socialist who wanted a socialist nation?  Like that was about the biggest piece of slander that could ever be thrown at a politician?  Well.  The socialists are out of the closet now, Americans.  Obama’s socialist agenda has emboldened them to such an extent that they have officially gone public about their membership in the Democratic SOCIALISTS of America .  These people believe in the violent overthrow of our capitalistic economic system to solve our problems.  They believe in forcing private industry to do what they tell them to do.  They put themselves in the center of the power and as the dictators of policy.  Because they KNOW what is good for the rest of us.  Here is just one example I found in the San Francisco chapter of the Democratic Socialists…

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