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Why are the two drunk cats chasing Speedy all of the time?

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It’s NOW or NEVER!
Unless you really understand and believe
Communism is a better way to live and govern,
You must vote and you must vote AGAINST
the Communist Candidate,
the current occupant of the White House.
If he wins another term,
America – as we have known it till now – will die.
Once gone, she will virtually impossible to resurrect!

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Okay, I was kidding about the ham sandwich coming in third. I was not kidding, however, about a federal prison inmate capturing more than 42% of the West Virginia Democratic primary vote – and qualifying for a delegate to the Democratic National Convention. It doesn’t get any better.

Although – I wonder how the ham sandwich would’ve done against the O-man – mano a mano?

Keith Judd, incarcerated at the Federal Correctional Institution in Texarkana, Texas, where he is serving a sentence for extortion, paid the $2,500 filing fee and submitted a notarized “certificate of announcement” to appear on the ballot.

The fact that more than four out ten Democrats showed up to vote in an uncontested primary simply to register a protest vote against the O-man is priceless. Think about it; West Virginia Democrats – who granted, may not be the sharpest tools in the shed…

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The Conservative Hill Billy:

Hey fellow California fishermen: How many of you know about this?

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Question: I was out fishing at Pine Flat Reservoir this past weekend and I came across an angler. He had a handgun on his side. I thought he was a warden, but he was fishing about 20 yards from me. He was dressed in civilian clothes (blue jeans/long sleeve shirt with a fishing vest). I did not talk to him or ask him his name. When I got home I told my cousin about it and he told me that he heard there’s a clause in the DFG policy that makes it okay for anglers to carry a gun (pistol) while out fishing, as long as the pistol is not loaded and as long as the angler possess a California fishing license. Is this true? (Alex V.)

Answer: There is a California Penal Code law that allows anglers to carry a gun while fishing and while hiking to and from their angling site…

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The Exploding Fido

So these 8th century throw-backs who would strap a bomb to an infant, are just now thinking about using dogs? I am starting to think that Hades is too good a place for these stains.

At the age of only 30, the al Qaeda bomb maker behind the foiled plot on U.S-bound planes has emerged as the most feared face of terror for American authorities, a master technician with a fierce hatred for America and ingenious plans for hiding hard-to-detect bombs inside cameras, computers and even household pets.

The Conservative Hill Billy:

Ain’t fair! 8:40am and I want this dish right now!:)

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My husband grew up in an Italian American home where most Sundays a classic meal was served around 2:00 P.M. in the afternoon. If you visit a home in one of the towns that has a “Little Italy” on a Sunday, you will more than likely smell the wonderful aroma of a long simmered sauce that fills the house.

This special sauce or “gravy” as some people call it is not a typical marinara sauce. It is a sauce prepared with a variety of meats which usually includes meatballs and sausages. It can also have braciole, pork or beef ribs, and other chunks of meat. The meat juices give the sauce a rich taste that is enhanced from hours of low and slow cooking.

My husband’s mother would start preparing this feast in the morning. Getting out her largest pots and pans, a tomato sauce would be started. Next on the…

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